I am not sure if any of you out there have used this product, but I have and they are great!  I pulled some pictures to show you how cute and decorative they can be.  If you have children, or animals [yep...those two equations can be hard on rugs!!] how convenient to be able to pull up the damaged part and replace with new!  Martha Stewart even has her hand in this company [of course....she is everywhere] so they have stepped up their game a little. www.flor.com

Faux Bois
Love Ewe
Mod Zebra
Patch Me If You Can
Power Nap
Shiny Doodle
Twist and Shout
Velvet Twist

Gotland Gray
Rake Me Over
Sitting Pretty

These were some of my favorites!


alison (semi-fab lane) said...

they have good options. i love the first!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Love the animal prints, the faux bois and the big stripes. I just re-discovered flor - I'm afraid I thought it was all big checkerboard........so glad to see it is so much more, and I love the concept of being able to replace or wash one section. Genius.

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