While everyone is blogging about Christmas decorating I am over here doing a post about sequin skirts.  Yeah I'm shallow like that.  When I get onto something......

.......there is no stopping me and I thought OK....let's see how many ways you can wear one by doing a little Pinterest search!

Lord knows I have worn mine 3 times already and need to find a way to expand the look so that I can wear it to Publix while I am grocery know "this ole thing?"  

So I have grabbed a few ideas and then after that I put together some styles that you can purchase!

OK...let's go all casual with a plaid top!

Or a stripe top.....digging both looks!

 The first time I wore mine it was with black....goes nice with the gold or the silver

Could not find source.

I am loving the green look....but of course how many sequin skirts can you have:)

 With a white shirt or sweater....

 Or silver on silver....

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 A camel coat.....

So below I have put together some sequin skirts for you.  I tried to keep prices pretty reasonable.....cause you know I had a moment when I bought mine.....coming from a fashion show and after drinking a couple of mimosa's.

animal print


It's so crazy though because people are popping up wearing them everywhere lately.....or maybe I am just aware of it because I have one.  Either way....I am a fashion queen....hahahaha.....and so cutting edge.  And if you believe that then....well it appears that I have you right where I need you:)

Here's a news flash for ya....I bought a Christmas wreath yesterday.  Uh huh.  Crazytown over here.  And I might just get some stuff down from the attic.....I said might.....really..... pretend you did not even read this.....I spoke out loud.

I'm pretty happy it's Friday...for a week that I thought might be turned the corner and went all "could hardly catch my breath" on me.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  And if I don't say it enough.....thank you for your continued support.




Sorry I missed was a travel day..... back to Atlanta from Boulder.  How rude of me:)

Before I left Atlanta though I did a small install for my neighbors guest bedroom and bath.  Her son has graduated from college...gotten a big boy job and apartment. parents do...we stripped the bookshelves of the trophies and high school year books to make it a proper guest suite!

I was excited to finally got to use a favorite color combination of blue and navy.

To start is the before of the headboard we were using which had been in the family for a while.

The wall color is BM Newburyport Blue

It was in need of some help....agree?

OK....the good things.... the woven shades were perfect.  The wall color was we just had a new coat painted.

Window seat before had no cushion.....

After headboard was recovered.

Here is the kicker though.  I had originally planned for the headboard to be a tan wool and the window seat to be covered in the above fabric.  When they brought it back they had reversed the choice.  Uh Oh......

He was fine to take it back and remake it all but we kind of liked it so he lucked out....because that fabric wasn't cheap:)

You can see the tan window seat cushion here.  We also had the back of the bookshelves papered with the left over wallpaper from the bathroom makeover!

The next part of the equation was finding a rug.  
I did find this Pottery Barn rug for a great price and we almost pulled the trigger but she decided she wanted something nicer.   This one was a little dull compared to what we finally used!

So I brought in a Moroccan and a Kazak style rug.

As you can see the patterned rug won out!  

It made the room come alive!

A little bookshelf styling....

I got the stripe pillows from Homegoods and the smaller brown stripe from Noah J and Co.

She had the gorgeous art which we stacked on this large wall.

Pretty pillows on the bed.  I had some fabric left over from the window seat...that beautiful Schumacher I had dutch pillow shams made.  I think they are 26 x 36 and then a pretty lumbar and she had the smaller blue lumbar.

The lamps are from Circa lighting

We also used the coverlet she already had but the duvet cover wasn't ready yet.....

I used her books and just tried to add some good texture with a few flea market finds....

How about we discuss the bathroom on Friday? We did just paint and wallpaper but as you guys know that can be a huge game changer!

So....I am going to try and put up some Christmas not a tree or anything like that [let's not get crazy here] but maybe some greenery and a few candles.  I'm not gonna lie.....the holidays are proving to be a little rough for me. 

I will fill my time with work, friends and Cami.....the good things in my life.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.....I promise I am not going to drag you guys down with my life.  This is a joyous season and I am going to make it that way!

It's all about attitude right!


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