It sure felt good to stay home for a weekend......and even managing to get a few things done.  I rarely make any changes around the house because when I do have the time I am just too tired to execute!

BUT.....some friends of mine were coming in town and wanted to spend the night so I had to step up.

That caused me to to the quickest zhush I could think of.....besides getting the vacuum out and mopping the floors.....I changed out 2 pillows.


The black and white pillows are from Sugar Feather....the textured one from HomeGoods and the black and cream pillow is from The Mart.  I had the black and cream ticking slipcover done a while back and I love it.  The blanket is from BoBo Intriguing Objects.

I should have spent more time on these pics :)
But you get the drift.....

Then I hi-tailed it over to Target like it was the last day in business and they were closing the doors forever.

Snagged this little black and white beauty. the last one.

Sunday Supper at my neighbors....if you saw my instastories then you know how pretty it was!

Great desert for crowds!

Ice Cream Pie.  Very simple.  
Oreo cookie crust pie  
Chocolate Chip Ice cream installed [decorator talk] after a little softening.
Sauce [heat on the stove]: 
1 stick of butter 
2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Pour over the pie and add whip cream.

My neighbor had a low country boil and everyone brought a dish.  Except me [cause my friends know I really don't cook!]  I brought these Trader Joe's Sweet and Spicy Pecans.


Speaking of food....still on WW [started April 1st].  Down 8 pounds which really is no big deal cause I was telling someone that now I am just at my post vacation weight [you know the weight you gain while on vaca] and my goal is pre-vacation weight!  

So I think I will stay on it for another month and see what happens.

I bought a dress.  Crazy huh.  I NEVER WEAR DRESSES.  

On the way down to the beach we stopped off at the Idea House I am working on.  

I have the tower which is giving me nightmares thinking about going up and down the stairs on install day.....

It's 2 floors.  In August.  I'll be sweating.

I went through a friends kitchen the hood!

And that's it for now.....

Back to more relevant topics on the next post.

Sheriky freaky


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I was just touring thru Pine Wood on Sunday on the way back from my daughters farm in south Georgia. I loved all the homes. The architecture is so fabulous! 8lbs is is nothing to sneeze at! I might check out WW. If I could lose this 15 lbs around my middle that menopause gifted me with, well, I would be dangerous and start dressing slutty again. lol

Laura Everyday Edits said...

What a fun project! Eight pounds! impressive. What's your food weakness? laura

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love your new dress! And I cannot wait to see the finished tower, what are the plans? As for the 8lbs, you go girl! That is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Love all those pillows and accessories! I've been doing WW (on-line only) for the last 2 months and lost 10 pounds (my goal). Now for the hard part...keeping it off! However, I'm sure enjoying my clothes fitting again, yay!!!


Mary said...

I noticed after Thanksgiving that I had gained a few pounds and decided to watch what I was eating over forward to now and add another 3 pounds...ugh. Time to get serious. My white jeans Mick me when I go in the closet. All of my summer tops only look cute with white jeans. I thought about WW, but bought myself a Fitbit and am boring my husband to tears with my steps and calories in and out. Goal is to fit into those white jeans by July.

Kim Hoegger said...

Great buy on the dress! I got so many compliments on it when I wore it at the Julian Price Show House Party! LOVE it! One of my all time favorites! XXX

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