Hey guys.....whats up?  Sherika here from rainy Atlanta and what better to do than some online retail therapy!

But first since the weather is bad today....I am headed to  Soul Cycle......yes I've gone back and I learned to get in there early....find my bike....before the lights are out!  Plus getting a bike on the side wall so I can make like a ninja and get to it fairly easy.


Fool me once.....

I have so much research to do online today.  Furniture and tile for my Boulder project and also try to get my House Beautiful project all put together so I can send off Wednesday.....that is a whole other story!  Trying to learn Keynote because someone said it was easy.  Liar.

Crikey.  Overload.

So instead of focusing on what I need to do I am thinking about all the sales out there!  One of my favorite places to shop online....[probably because they have cool home stuff AND cool chick stuff] is Dear Keaton


In 2 years since they exploded online they have become a go to site! 

I am posting a day early to tell you everything is 25% off today!

Y'all remember when I did this guest room and used these over the bed!

Who doesn't love a good blue pillow?  Even if these aren't your colors....get that "boho" look by mixing things up! 

I used a similar low table in this teens bedroom!

If you have some extra space using 2 stools is always a good idea.

I never met a rustic bowl I didn't like:)  In my bookshelves I used one to put beads in.....

Its no secret that I love a good white blouse.....

These are just some of the great things they have....go take a look!

In other news I am busy picking tile for the Boulder project so I buzzed into The Tile Shop which is right next to Homegoods [I might have stepped in there also] and saw these awesome tiles

Black and white goodness....

For some reason I loved these below....

A quick run to Floor and Decor....are we sick of the "wood tiles"?  I can't decide because I kinda like these....

Do we get sick of things faster because we see everything so fast?  I think so.

Oh well....wish I had time to chat with y'all all day but gotta get to work!


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