Are you are like me....because  I never met a design book I didn't like!  It's my opinion that books layered in your room are everything and help to tell a story about your style.

It used to be that maybe one or 2 design books would come out a year.....and now it seems like that number is closer to 10 a year.

Since I buy a lot of my books from Amazon [and of course they know more about my likes and dislikes than my husband] I will get notifications when they think I may be interested in one.

Thanks for caring Amazon.

I love their classic timeless style....

I have her first one and bought this one as well....

Even though she paints her walls white [yes please] her rooms do not look cold!

Ray Booth is part of McAlpine Booth and Ferrier and I am not sure there is a more talented team.

See for yourself!

Clean and sophisticated to a whole new level right....

I think Mark Sikes might be responsible for the huge resurgence of blue and white!

But then he also has my heart with his use of neutrals!

Another talent from the Atlanta area....

Of course this one needs no introduction!  Phoebe [we are on a first name basis....ha ha]  has a second book out!

I know many people that feel she can do no wrong and I am in that camp also.

I remember this gorgeous showroom from last years spring designer showhouse!  It was a stunner.

Kate Watson-Smyth has a blog Mad About The House, and a book by the same title.  This is her second book.

Her style is very minimal but I was seriously drawn to it!

And there you have it!  Go to Amazon and order your favorites....

What's on plan this weekend?  I buzzed up to Scott's yesterday and even though it was kind of quiet because of Mothers Day weekend and The Brimfield Antique Market I did manage to pick up a few little trinkets :)


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Barbara Bussey said...

Its always appreciated when you shop your local home decor and book shops!
Cheers!, Barbara

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