Hope you guys enjoyed part one of the Southeastern Showhouse!  I always wonder if the designers do what they think people will like or what reflects their own style....

I am struggling with that same dilemma on my space for the Pinewood Forest showhouse.  There is always that issue of how much money to spend and how far to take it!  Safe....or outside the box....

First world problems :)

As promised here are some more shots from the showhouse.

The Dining Room by Phillip Sides

A very eclectic space but I really liked it!

The mirrored wall....whoa

Almost every room had some kind of wallpaper.

The covered porch designed by Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill was very organic.....

Moving into the Master James Michael Howard.

Such a pretty room....

Tish Mills created a beautiful sitting room/office and I could definitely see myself sitting in here with my laptop and a basil martini [my new fav drink]

The talented duo of Ryan Hughes and Steven Leonard gave us dreams of a Manhattan least that is what it felt like to me and I was in love with the brass banana leaf plant!

The foyer by Courtney Giles is the last space before we move upstairs.  Very layered and I loved the wallpaper!

Upstairs there were 4 bedrooms....

Nina Nash and Don Easterling

Pretty pink door in the bathroom....

My friend Jena Salmon did a beautiful job with Thibaut's toile wallpaper and fabric.....

Cathy Austin created a feminine space with this beautiful Schumacher wallpaper.

And last....Dana Wolter created a room just for me:)


You still have time to go make your own decisions on your favorite closes on May 13.

It was an epic weather weekend here in Atlanta. High 70's with a nice breeze.....and now we will go from that to the 90's...... cause spring doesn't hang around long here!

I've hit the dreaded plateau with my weight loss....hanging with 8 lbs.  I was reading up about plateaus and it basically said "hang in there".....OK....but for how freakin long cause I for one need gratification when I'm working hard and this is definitely NOT working for me.


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Unknown said...

The purple and green bedroom really stood out to me. It's not a color combination I would choose for myself, but it's quite refreshing. Love that wallpaper!

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