I have some good news.....I finally broke through that plateau.....hanging in there to loose 2 more pounds to make it a total of 11 pounds since starting Weight Watchers Freestyle program on April 1st.

I've definitely broken some bad habits that contributed to putting on weight....wine every night, a half stick of butter on my toast every morning, handfuls of almonds....until the package was gone....and many more:)

My new goal is now a total of 15 which will probably take another month.  

My husband is sick of me coming in to announce my weight loss in a little "sing song" voice...ha ha.

When I was trying to think about what to blog about today I realized forgot to finish up sharing some of my Highpoint finds.

What better than to start with pillows....the earrings of design right!  Ryan Studio never fails to get me all "pillow giddy"....

Beautiful blues.....

Yes to green!

Neutrals and browns.


My group is the neutral one....your favorites?

I always love my visit to Lee Industries and below are some of the styles I loved...

Office chairs are always so boring but not these....

Love the back of these.

What is NOT to love about this chair....!

Nice modern recliners.

Another favorite showroom is Palecek and every time I see all of their cool textural stuff I get a case of the "wants".....

I think every room should have some rattan in it.

I think I posted this mirror below last year because I love it so much!

The rest is probably only things I am interested in so I won't bore you!

I just finished listening to the podcast Missing Richard Simmons.  It was very interesting how he just disappeared.  Closed his exercise studio after being open a bajillion years....etc.  This is proof that I will listen to anything while walking Cami.

Are you guys shopping this weekend.....now is the time to finish up summer shopping because every store is sporting at least 40% off!

There is nothing I love doing more than kissing this nose....

Have a great Memorial Weekend!



Mary said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. It takes a lot of commitment & will power. I hear ya with the almonds. So addictive. I try not to have them in the house.
Love all the pillows. You don’t see ones like that at Homegoods.

TRS Personnel said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

La Contessa said...

Where did RICHARD SIMMONS GO............?
I wonder what he looks like today?
I should JOIN IN..........
Did you see CINDY HATTERSLEY blog post on HIGH POINT?
I spy the same GREENS .........That seems to be the color this year!
Come by and see who we are featuring on AGELESS STYLE this week...........XX

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