Hola chicas!

I don't think I gave you an update on my WW journey last post and that is because I was stuck at 8 lbs.

For 2 long weeks.  

And it really made me mad [stomping foot] because I was following all the rules.

But I am happy to report that even though it took me 2 weeks.....I finally lost another flipping pound to make it 9.  So that all took 6 weeks....and I can remember when I could lose that much in 6 days.....when I was younger.


I wouldn't say anyone has noticed....I think you have to lose 20 pounds for that and my clothes still fit..... only SO much better.....for instance my jeans aren't squeezing as much fat up to create that obnoxious muffin top.....ugh.   

I did have to tighten my belt just a tad and that was a nice little bonus.  All in all I am still plugging along with this gig.

A few things to share with you today.

New Fabrics

I am sure you all know designer Erica Powell of Urban Grace Interiors.  Based in Santa Rosa Beach Florida she has been churning out beautiful projects since 2005.

Erica has just launched her long awaited textile line and although I have not seen it personally I did grab some instagram pictures for you!

Aren't these colors and patterns are so pretty?!

I am a sucker for anything with an X on it:)

You can follow her textile instagram page for more beautiful pictures!

Next up is a new line with Pindler Corp. fabrics called Printworks.

So many pretty colors....yes I just did say that:)

Some closeups for you.....

Both lines are so you have a favorite?

And that's all I have for you today.  Nothing earth shattering but again....who loves pretty fabrics more than me!



Mary Ann Pickett said... these!

Gail Storti said...

No I don’t have a favorite because they’re all my favorite. So fabulous!

Tiphany said...

Look at you posting all that COLOR! Love them all!

Greg Prosmushkin said...
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barbara said...

Great job on the WW is all worth it (I speak from experience!)

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