Holiday over....back to work!  But.....before we get to some summer fashion let's discuss.

First..... I have had Cami 3 years now....little sassy girl!

I have had 4 other sheepies and she is by far the most stubborn and cheeky one of the bunch:)

I think we have had rain for about 20 days in a row and the humidity is off the charts.....that meant a Keratin treatment.  I get the express which last about 3-4 weeks because I don't have the patience to sit there for a thousand hours.

I will probably get another one mid July!

I have bought a few things lately....especially during the memorial day sales.

My sisters let me buy these which I promptly returned.  Now I don't trust them.

I bought this little scarfy thing and wore it with white flare jeans and a white tank it!

I love this jumpsuit but what happens when you have to go to the bathroom.....that's at least 5-7 minutes of getting undressed.  

I am afraid they would send someone to check on me....make sure I hadn't got lost:)

I bought this white top and have already worn it 3 times and spilled something on it.  It's definitely a keeper!  And.....I want that stripe bag.

I saw this dress at Banana Republic in the window the other day and was smitten.....

I bought these crop pants but wore them with tennis shoes and a t shirt.....

How many pairs of white jeans do I have....ankle, ripped, cropped, flair, short flair, long.....

How cute is this sundress from J Crew Factory?

Love this top from Banana Republic

Since I only wear jeans....white black and blue I am always on the lookout for cute tops!

Smoochie and me snuggling on the couch.  See that look....very "whatever Mom".

Of course that look would change if I started to walk out the door.....haha.



Wright said...

Can you check on link for the "scarfy thing" ? It's not linking correctly.
Love you style selections!!! And your dog is cute as can be!

Tummy Tuck Dallas said...

I love it!

dijoknows said...

Your hair always looks fantastic -- can you speak to what salon keratin treatment you get ? I had one called "Prevana", but that was several years ago.
As per usual, love your blog and adore your fashion choices.

debra @ 5th and state said...

hardly seems possible that Cammi is 4!!!

there is a conspiracy of sorts out there, I swear they are determined to catch any dribble, spill, dirt, within 100 yards

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