Thanks to everyone who commented on my oh so tiny ORC reveal.  Even though I did not complete the project in the time frame....I am still happy with what we managed to accomplish during the busy summer months.  

Yesterday the coffee table was painted and from what Kristen and my client have told me it looks great.  Hopefully I will have updates next Wednesday of that reveal and the bookshelves.

On to other things.....yesterday I had put a quart of white chalk paint in my car just in case Kristen wanted to use it.  

I think you know where this is going.  After driving all over Atlanta on appointments and such......I was pulling in my neighborhood around 4:30 pm.  For some reason I looked over towards the passenger seat and saw that cardboard box with the paint in it had slid sideways off the seat and was on it's side.

You know that feeling where in the way tiny back of your mind you kinda remember that the lid was not that tight on the can....

Yeah....I pulled in the driveway and knew what would be waiting for me.  Hopped out.... ran around and opened the door to white paint all over the place.  Not really sure when it happened.

Crikey. might not look that bad but I had the idea of taking my hose to clean it up.  Mistake.  I made it worse.  Plus my hose wouldn't reach [omen] so I backed my car in and was standing on a ledge [single narrow driveway stones up the side] with the door half open [as far as it would go] using one hand to prop myself up and one hand to manipulate the hose.  

It was like an Olympic event.....that failed miserably.  Freaking white paint went flying everywhere......screw the car....I was just hoping that it would not get on my new jeans.  Priorities people.

98 degrees....I was sweating like a contestant on the biggest loser during the first workout.  AND seriously cussing like that was a sport also.

For crying out loud.  My life.

Let's just move on here.
The Southern Living house in Senoia Georgia.  
I know y'all have see pictures.  Just the other day Rene from Cottage and Vine posted the ones from online.  I thought the Tracery did a wonderful job.  That is one talented bunch there.

Here are some of the pictures I took...

I am always taking pictures of pretty flowering containers like I might actually plant some.  To be honest I bought some ferns for my front porch and they are still in the black plastic containers sitting there.

These were the pillows on the porch, but I noticed in Rene's shots that they were not the same.  Can't fool me...what an eye.

The mantel...loving that little ducky.

Herringbone fireplace.  Yum.
Open shelving in the kitchen  WHO doesn't have shelves in their kitchen these days.  We are all big into display now :)

Want in the worst way.
Funny how certain things catch my eye....I had a house full of beautiful things and I hone in on this teapot.

The dining room....of course I was loving all of the white.

Shoot...I am just going to copy this...why should I sit around and try to think of anything better...

This room was hands down my favorite.....

I am going to copy this also....expect to see.

Just call me a thief.
Laundry room.

Dark green and gray.  Likey.


Master.  Gray and coral.  Loved all of the white walls everywhere with black rods and white curtains.

Sitting area.
Beautiful art work over the chest.  I am sure you can find out the source on the SL website.

The sheets are so cute with that Duralee pillow fabric.

Master bath.

Ceiling in the closet.

Rug....from Ballards.  Very pretty.  Indoor /outdoor

There has been some talk about baskets on blogs lately [Emily Clark did a good post ] good for containing clutter...and adding texture to a room.  Also for filling holes under tables etc.

Little area at the top of the stairs.  Ikea chairs and table!

Pretty gallery and buffalo check fabric.

The other guest room.  Ikea furniture.  The addition of old found objects helped to take the "sheen" off though!

I am a sucker for an old sign.

Guest bath downstairs.

You can read more about how they moved the house and added on to it at Southern Living.  Also Rhoda From Southern Hospitality did a great post and her pictures are MUCH better than mine!!!  They told us no pictures when we were there...but I took them anyway just waiting for someone to say stop.

I might just have to do a count of every "trend" in this house.  Hmmmmm.

While we are on the subject of paint colors....what we weren't?  Well we are now.  Kristy Swain from Hyphen Interiors asked a bunch of bloggers to  speak up on their favorite greige paint colors.  You can go here to start with part one...but keep reading for part 2 and 3!  

After you read those click here to read some of her popular post!  Remember....she is the one who painted a chair!

Another week down.....
I guess I will go see the damage in my car now.

Accident Prone Sherika


StagerLinda said...

Oh Sherry, I feel you pain over the white paint. I have a feeling cocktails are in your future to get over this week! Love all the pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

Simply LKJ said...

Oh no! That would be something that would happen to me, and I would totally be freaking out, praying I'd get it cleaned up before hubby found out! LOL (he's a neat freak when it comes to the cars)

Amanda said...

oh my gosh girl! I totally gasped out loud when I saw that paint in your car!! awful! hope you got it all out and yes for goodness-sakes "save the jeans"

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

My sister and I are supposed to go sometime. That cow painting is very similar to mine. Want to see this place in person.

Mary said...

Oh GAWD! What are we going to do with you?
What did your husband say about it?
Did he loose it? Mine would have.

Sonny G said...

ok. only a died in the wool blogger would stop to take a pic of a catastrphic paint spill lol.. sorry not laughing at the paint in your car, just at you stopping to take a pic..

so now about that checked wall. you thieve from them and then please post a step by step tutorial so I can theive from you- K...

love love love all your photos..
thanks for sharing with us.

Kelly said...

Sherry, Sherry, Sherry.......what are we going to do with you?! You poor, poor girl. I am sorry to laugh at your situation, but I did. Not really the situation, but how you told the story. Too funny!!! I am really sorry that this happened to you though. I have no idea how you're going to get that paint off your car now. Bet you're not feeling the chalk paint love right about now. On the flip side, your pics of the SL house are wonderful! You showed some close-ups that I haven't seen yet. I have the magazine that features this house. I agree. Tracery out did themselves this year! Hopefully, I'll get to tour it in person before it closes.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I'm late this morning. The storm messed up my computer big time. Anyway...How can you make us laugh at such a miserable event! Did you get the paint out of the car and did you save those Jeans!!!!
Your SLH pictures are great. Will check it all out when I caravan the "Ladies" to Senoia in September.

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Yes! Copy everything!

I may be the last kitchen without open shelves...kinda saving it for a vacation/rental design.

Your detail photo of the chest display in the family room (?) made it look better than is does in the long view - well done!

Quart can of white enamel (oil based) being shaken during a furniture painting class...loose lid....opens as can is pointing at the "shakers" face. I have only experienced this in the participants (shaker) retelling. I laugh EVERYtime!

Laughed at you too. So sick! :-)

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Start happy hour, early! Love the plaid wall.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

T.G.I.F. Sherry! have a glass of wine, my friend!
Love the plaid wall and the chairs in the master... thanks for sharing!
xo Heidi

The enchanted home said...

OMG! I cannot believe the paint saga and to deal with it on a 98 degree poor thing!!
Gorgeous home, love that dining beautiful, the light colors just welcome you in and the chairs look so comfy, what a great spot. I spotted the pretty outdoor setting outside the window with what looks like overstuffed wicker chairs.....great home!
Hope you got ALL the paint always entertain me Sharika!

tanyaj said...

dang it Sherry your antics keep me laughing.. we're laughing with you not at you girl! sorry about the paint so something i would do and the cursing thing, i keep telling my kids it will become an olympic sport you take gold and i'll take the silver. love the SL pics was going to go when it cools off but screw it i am going soon..

René said...

So glad you took these pictures! What a treat to see the real thing, well sort of. I agree, copy it all. Perfection!

Judy said...

we went to the southern living idea house the early part of june and i apparently made the mistake of posting pics on my blog before the aug. issue of southern living came out...had to take down the post! that is one amazing house, isn't it? i plan on copying the guest room with the buffalo checks for one of my bedrooms i'm redoing.

Hyphen Interiors said...

Okay, thank God someone else spills paint in their car! I spilled a gallon of LIME green paint all over my charcoal gray interior a couple of years ago. I had just bought it and can honestly say it was Lowe's that didn't put the top all the way on, but man oh man, what a mess. Took me hours to clean up.

Now, that I've vented, I have that RR sign! Only mine has bullet holes in it - yep. I win. :)

I love the bowling pins!! Thanks for sharing!

pam {simple details} said...

Oh my, at least it was one of your favorite colors! Maybe you could just sell the car and be done with it! :) Thanks for the gorgeous tour!

Unknown said...

oh baby girl, I swear, you have had some weird science going on. I am sorry about the paint in your car. I would imagine you cannot get that out. Let us know.
The SL house is great- such a sign of the times, buffalo check, sisal rugs, painted ikea chairs, gallery walls... I think this will speak 2012 one day.
Hope you're ok this evening..have a glass of wine!

Cindy said...

GAAAHHH! The car, what a nightmare, i can totally see that playing out, and the paint spraying and splattering everywhere. Hope you saved your jeans! I'm in love with the checked walls, don't know why, but i'm a total Ho for buffalo gingham. I'm so over there to read about the favorite greige colors too!


lizziefitz said...

Well I am going to just award you the gold medal for potty talk;) if it was me , truck drivers would blush. Paint mess, h2o involved and the cost of chalk paint= &@$%#*^+++!!!!!
Love Tracery! I looked all over the Internet for buffalo check paint treatments last year and found one BAD example, Darn . That ship has sailed , husband will not reprint girs' bathroom;0
Love your blog:))))

Privet and Holly said...

What a bummer
about the paint, but
on the bright side, you
got to visit the SL Show
House! When my folks
lived in Atlanta, I took in
a house or two and always
loved the inspiration.

Hope your weekend does
not include scraping paint
from your car.....!

xo Suzanne

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

I drooled over every photo in my magazine of this house...jealous that you got to tour it in person!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Sherry, OH NO! The spilled paint sounds like something that I would do. I hope you were able to get it all out. Thanks for sharing the photos of this pretty home.

Interior Design Musings said...

totally cracking up over here! Almost choked on coffee - Also, loving the pics you took of the So. Liv. house. simply divine. M.

Kim said...

You make me laugh ... life as a designer ... so glamorous!! I have been a buffalo plaid girl from day one ... a long time ago. So happy to see it still going strong!!

Andrea said...

This could only happen to you, Sherry! I can see the whole thing unfolding now. Cuss words flying and you protecting your jeans! Ha! I love that you're ballsy enough to take those photos. Love that house.

Andrea said...

This could only happen to you, Sherry! I can see the whole thing unfolding now. Cuss words flying and you protecting your jeans! Ha! I love that you're ballsy enough to take those photos. Love that house.

michele said...

you are in good company. i am also allergic to putting any lid on paint or anything properly. this is pretty tragic tho. on the upside, i was kinda tired of seeing the same ol same ol chalk paint posts...

smiles to you.


Naz said...

I'm so horrified about the paint spilling in your car. Can it be salvaged? (the car not the paint)

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Sherry, did you get the paint out of your car? Shoot, that is something that would happen to me. I am always afraid I will spill all over my carpet in my home. This looks like a fun home. Wish I lived close by, would love to go see.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

That is tragic!!! Worse than my girlfriend's new sandal slipping off the boat last night into the bay. I am sorry. Thanks for breaking the rules and getting fun shots...I love the checks.

Kristen said...

ugh!! so sorry about the paint! i feel indirectly responsible! haha... paint spills are the bane of my existence. my old car had lots of them...

Michael said...

T.G.I.F. Sherry! have a glass of wine, my friend! Love the plaid wall and the chairs in the master... thanks for sharing! xo Heidi

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