50,000 cool things I saw at Scott's Antique market......and came home with a big fat goose egg.

Well...that is always the goal for me....NOT to buy anything.  You see while some of you kids have just discovered this little jewel....I have been walking the halls for about 20 years.  Yup.  While you  were still into American Girl dolls and Hot Wheels,  I had discovered the promise land.

So that leads us to the fact that I do not need any more "shit"....even the best kind........Although I do find it incredibly hard to resist all the goodness that I feast upon every month.

Let's take a look.

I always love some graphic industrial goodness...

And before you say "well maybe they do have everything but I bet you can't find a vintage 1964 Vespa there".....shut up cause you can.

Oh my word...these were sold....2 gorgeous curtain panels....see what I mean about "good shit".

Acrylic and skin....a 2fer.
Before you think it is all about the "buying"....feast your eyes on gold keys.  I have keys...need spray paint :).  Inspiration people.

Nice bed.....check out the one that Cassie built. lamps.
 The shape of this chair....boom!

Upholstered in a pretty linen right?

Pretty cream books....would have looked good in my bookshelves right?  [mine were free though]

You might notice a slight difference in some of these pictures.  When I went on Thursday, I borrowed a camera from Jan.  That new sucker I bought just does not fit in the purse so easily.  Needless to say I forgot to put my memory card in it.  My brain is the size of a small pebble.  Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.

Chair crack.
Sofa and zebra crack right.

White books everywhere taunting me.

More cream goodness....for your bookshelves people.
It has been a long time since I wanted art...this got me.

Um a big fat yes please.

Oh a little girls bedroom.....
Coffee table greatness.

Why do these vendors torture me....

Modern chairs...rickety table.

I was helping Sudi set up Thursday morning....[was there until about 1:00].   If one person came by and touched this pillow well...then a 100 did.  Everyone wanted it but they wanted 2.  Finally after this one guy came by for the 3rd time and started slobbering over it, I gently insisted he buy it.  He did.  The angels started singing....I did a happy dance :)

All of these sold....duh.

Greek style.

Oh boy.....grrrrrrr.

But listen if pillows are not your about some yard art.
Or if you need to be scared in the middle of the night, cause you bought this and forgot.....

That is it until next month.  Oh...except for one little thing....I did buy a couple of these for a giveaway...
The botanical.  She was having a sale.  I can be generous sometimes :)

If you have time....come back on Wednesday for the last of the pictures of my ORC.  At least for a while.  She is out of town for the next 2 weeks so not sure how much I can get done.

This was supposed to be Friday's post....of course you see that did not happen.  My brother was in town on his way to move my nephew into his dorm at Clemson.  

Anyway....they were pulling a U HAUL trailer behind them...and my brother said at one point he looked in the rear view mirror  and thought "dang that ass*@# behind me is really tailgating....I ought to tap on my breaks and......"  Then he remembered that the trailer was his.   cra cra runs in the family people.

The start of a new week....get out that list!



Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

wow - i need a scotts near me. is it weekly/monthly, what?

Deserae said...

Wow, so many awesome things....I want that bed though!!! I wish Scott's were closer, I would be there every month. Of course I would also be very broke! LOL
Have a great week :o)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I missed Scott's this month. Broke! I can't go with no money because I do want to buy. Loved that art of the man.

Kathysue said...

Sherry I always love seeing things through your eyes. You crack me up and make me want to do lunch with you every single time,(I'm paying!!) Someday I am going to meet up with YOU!! Loved the little cream ceramics and that picture is haunting. I can see why you wanted to bring him home, he needs a pretty home to live in. Have a great week, sweetie,
xo Kathysue

Kelly said...

Oh.....another fabulous post photographed and written by YOU! Love it! Your narration about the things you see at Scott's is sooo funny. I bet you are a hoot to shop with! I'm coveting that botanical that you're going to give away. Can't wait to drop my name in the hat for it. I was shocked to see someone selling a stuffed lion! Who buys that stuff?!

Kim said...

I am going to be in Atlanta next weekend and was all jazzed because Scott's was on my to do list ... until I found out last week that I had the wrong weekend!! UGH! Thanks for bringing it to me!! xo

AntiqueChase said...

you are hilarious. I don't need any shit either... although I do really want that botanical!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

When is Scotts putting you on their PAYROLL? You are the best advertising they have!
Oh yes, I'm putting my name in the hat for the give a way this time for sure!!!
You didn't get those animals for your Yard to compete with the neighbors? Oh what did you wear for the Closing Ceremony Party?

StagerLinda said...

Pretty great stuff...I love that you can look at it and come up with a plan- BAM!

Unknown said...

Great eyeballs at Scott's. Yeah, it would be seriously tough not to come home with something every single time.
Love the cra cra that abounds. Sure is good for some laughs.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I'm not sure if trips to Scotts are more exciting or more agonizing. I would have been crying over the drapes - just my style!

Acquired Objects said...

Go back to Scott's please and get me some cream books, zebra rug and that Vespa. How cool is that Vespa?


Jill said...

I found so many thing I wanted this month! One of the best shows I have been to! I also took a picture of the dragon/dino outside! That things was huge!

Unknown said...

cra cra runs in the family - i'm dying over here! HA!

That zebra chair - gah - I'd be broke if I lived close to that place!

michele said...

coffee table! want!

i hope you are being paid well for being a flea enthusiast cuz baby you can selllllllll.

i wrote an insane bloggie song the other night, and YOU ARE IN IT! if you are extra well behaved i may record it and let you have a listen. maybe. probably. but doubtful.



Andrea said...

Wow, that must have taken some serious restraint. The one in Columbus isn't nearly as cool. Even though, I'm looking forward to it. said...

I wish I had Scotts near me. Or maybe I don't. I'd be broke. Thanks for cracking me up. Again. and Again.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I don't know how you have the will power to say no to all of this goodness. I am feeling the zebra love now.

Things That Inspire said...

I can't believe it - seems like yesterday that I went to the July Scotts! I missed it this time, just returned from out of town, but of course I would not have seen even a fraction of what you saw.

Have you ever thought about doing a guided tour of Scotts? People would pay for that - the guy who was on one of the design reality shows does it all the time!

- Holly

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Gosh I hope I can make it to Scott's one of these days!! Looks fabulous. The story about your brother is too funny! Have a good one :)

Emily said...

That was a good treasure hunt! So much fun!

Naz said...

If nothing else Scott's sure is an interesting place to visit. I wish we had something like that here.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Funny story about your brother in-law. Love Scoots! So wish I lived closer.

Woodside Park said...

I want ALL those beige / cream books to go with my beige / cream house :-) Thanks for the shopping tour!
xoxo, Loi

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

It makes me sad to be a Canadian when I see photos from this amazing place. What a feast for the eyes!

Jessie said...

I see so many great stuffs! The zebra chair and ottoman set, the red Chesterfield sofa and the greek pillows are calling my name. Love your finds!

Your bro is totally cracking me up! Funny definitely runs in your family!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I shed a little tear when I saw that chesterfield. it needs to be in my house!

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