A quick trip to Goodwill

Yep.  Unfortunately there are about 3 Goodwill stores very near me.  I say that because I need to live in a field 200 miles from the nearest place where they sell anything.  Seriously.

But here is the good news!  While I was standing in line, I was conversing with a fellow "consumer" about how we loved Goodwill.  Then she proceeded to tell me that on Tuesdays seniors get a 15% discount.  WHAT?????  It happened to be Tuesday and you would have thought she just gave me a winning lottery ticket.  On the one hand "yippee I am a senior citizen" and on the other hand "OMG.....I hate that!"  Why do they call it "senior citizen" at all.  I mean senior used to be a good word, like when you were in the 11th grade you could not WAIT to be a senior.  So OK...maybe that was the LAST time I was excited about that word.  And citizen.  We are all citizens.  Don't single me out with senior in front of it.   I'm just a good citizen doing my part to keep the economy from tanking even more that it already is.

I wanted to take a knife out and "cut her" not because of what she said but because she had 4 custom made silk curtains panels in the most beautiful green ever in her cart.  I just missed them.  14.00 each plus that dang 15% discount. 

My sister said that they call it "gray power" in California.  That cracked me up.  Another reason to keep paying a gazillion dollars a year to my hairdresser.  

But back to what is important here.
My purchases.  That I paid just 21.00 for.  With the massive 15% discount.
 You will just have to wait and see what I do with them!  The ice buckets were such a steal!  I love to put orchids in them.

The Target frame still in the wrapper!  And I love the old poster.  It just happens to be in my fall color scheme.   Hmmm....

On a side note....don't you just love this?
Adesso Spotlight Table Lamp  89.99

Have a great weekend and don't forget about the giveaway !!  It ends on the 4th.


Cindy said...

Looks like you got some good deals. I love the ice buckets. The frame and post are perfect for your decor. Maybe I'm a Senior now too, if not I will be soon. It's not a bad thing, I have grand children to comfort me at 52.
Hugs, Cindy

Privet and Holly said...

I LOVE GW, too!!
Just bought four
Lusterware tea cups
and saucers last
week, normally $3.99
per set, but because
it was green sticker
day, each cup and
saucer duo was $1.49!
So, all four sets for
a whopping $6.00. It's
always such a fun treasure
hunt; plus, I feel good
that I'm not buying from
China and the funds
go back into the community.
xx Suzanne

Nancy Hood said...

Our local Goodwills stink :( but that only makes it easier for those of us that don't mind digging and plowing through ;)
On another note, I have a former student that is now living and working in Atlanta, Cristi Holcombe. She has a blog, Charm Home, and just curious if the two of you have crossed paths.
I love your site and am a new follower. Have a great weekend!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Just "discovered" you n' your blog~~~ LOVE your sense of humor (!)~ sure enjoyed the read! I MUST sign up to receive ALL your blogs!!!

(Loved the Seniors discount comments, too... I was chuckling as I, too, now "qualify"... and, alll I could think of was "EEKS! ALREADY???!!!???!!!)...

Linda in AZ *

Bring Pretty Back said...

I just found your blog tonight, love it! haha! I just did a post about pouting because my hubby drove by a goodwill on our anniversary getaway!
Have a pretty day!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you commented on my stacystyle blog so I could find you and all your wonderful posts! I happen to love Goodwill and am in the process of furnishing and accessorizing our little island house with Goodwill treasure. You can see it at www.dunesandduchess.com. My boyfriend simply can't drive by a Goodwill without stopping. There's one near his house in Connecticut that he goes to almost EVERY DAY!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love that place! They have 50% off first Saturday of each month here!

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