Scott's in October!

How does a month go so fast???  When you are getting a tooth drilled time literally stands still.  For real.  Course you are talking to someone who gets "conscious sedation" when they are in the dentist chair for anything [except a cleaning!].  Yep and when my dentist [who I have going to for 20 years} told me that he was no longer going to offer that because of insurance reasons I cried like a baby......For real also.
 But on to what's important.  OK, well not important but fun.  The loot at Scott's.

First of all, here is a picture of a "well known" designer who shops there for her store!  Not a picture of her but her truck!  Dang, she know how to come prepared I would say......:)
If you haven't been in her showrooms here in Atlanta, you should.  They are beautiful.

Love these.  There were 2 of them and would make great end tables.  Glass on top.

Love this!  The top part looks like my hair on a rainy day.  Not kidding.
I have always loved these tables.  I want one, but I can't keep replacing every piece of furniture I have.  Right?
Serious cool.  The drawers open from both sides.  450.00  I have seen them for 1500.00

Have I posted this before?  Can't remember but they are old typewriter keys with tiny magnets on them.

I sold 3 of these barstools about 5 years ago...look how cute they could have been!

They sell a similar one at Restoration for 1400 or something.  This was SO not that much!
Time for pillows!!!  200 for the pair.....all of these.  You can't buy the fabric, form and have them made   for that.

I love this!
The tray...and I like the iron feet.  Maybe I am over the wheels on everything.

I always like to take pictures of displays.....good for ideas.
Good for fall.....
I'm not a real big "sticks in a jar" kind of gal, but this was  cool...white beans at the bottom.

Lots of tobacco baskets!  This month they were 30.00.  Great for texture!
I thought this was kind of a neat idea.....
Are we over clocks?  But these were pretty sweet.... 495.00 for the pair.
I used this in the mountain house I posted about!  In the kitchen with stools around it.
Wish I had someplace for this...seriously I don't have room for a spool of thread in my house!
Who doesn't love a big white mirror?
Bracelets!  55.00!  Aren't they beautiful?
These are going to be in Southern Living Magazine.  I thought they were so pretty.

These were oval and so cheap.

So are you ready to plan your trip yet!

 On a side note, I was walking to answer my phone when someone knocked on my door so my dogs took off and I tripped over them to bang the living HELL out of my toe.  No lie that sucker is black and I am sure broken.  Dang metal barstools.  I need to wrap everything in my house with bubble wrap like they do for kids.  This is not the FIRST time for this episode.  No shoes only flip flops.

Off to Sunday Supper at the neighbors!


Anonymous said...


Hill Country House Girl said...

Someday I am going to make it to Scott's!!! Meanwhile thanks for the great photos - loved 'em!

Unknown said...

Wow such fabulous finds! I go to scotts all the time and I have never found that many fun things in one trip...maybe I am not shopping right! I need to get help from Mrs Howard!

designchic said...

Loads of goodies!! May have to make a trip south...

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Love everything!!! Such inspiring pieces from start to finish. :)


Mimi said...

Oh Sherry, couldn't get off the couch today.So tired from the week. (too much football and baseball to enjoy.) Needed you to call me and get me out there. What great stuff as usual!

Julie Holloway said...

Hope you had fun at Sunday Supper (that sounds like so much fun) I am drooling over your loot---those stockings and that LV tray! Love it. Julie

Gloria Fox said...

I love those stockings!!! I need to make new ones for my family...thanks for the idea!!!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i love your posts from scott's! i need the white mirror for my living room!!! and love the rustic looking apothocary table;)

Freckles Chick said...

::drool:: Think I just got whiplash from all that eyecandy. I could spend hours in that place. Heck, I could LIVE there.

Hope your tooth is feeling better? Thanks so much for dropping by my blog; your comment made my day!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay, we are now shooting for November!

Great stuff!

Sorry about your toe :(

Lou Cinda

My Interior Life said...

Once again, fabulous finds, Sherry. When I make it back down to Scott's, I want to go with you!

My Interior Life said...

Oh, and I hope your toe feels better soon. And, on the dentist subject, it always cracks me up to hear people's dental stories as my husband is a dentist. He doesn't offer conscious sedation but he does have nitrous which I need whenever drilling occurs, so I can empathize.

René said...

I want it all pretty please?! Are you coming to the High Point Furniture Market? If so, come see me at Encore.


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