As a designer, I am terribly fascinated with stylist/designers who can craft a beautiful and interesting vignette on a chest or table.  A lot of people can put furniture in a room, pick out beautiful fabrics and paint colors, but I think it takes an artist eye to do that.  You have to keep it balanced, not busy, but with enough interesting objects that the eye doesn't just see "noise".

Here are some I found, and I think the term I would use it perfection.
OK...the red chest the small lamp...everything is just right for me.

Simple and elegant.  I could die for that red sconce.

Just enough not to be busy.  I love that wallpaper if that is what it is.

Same wallpaper, but different look.  I like the both.  Hmmmm gotta find that paper I am loving it!

Another very well edited one.  I know the sunburst is a little over saturated but I do like it in the right place.  Love the modern lamp with it.

More simplicity.  Rustic table and gold frames.  Crystal lamps.

A lot here but it works.  Texture, iron, and stone.  Grrrrrrr.  If this was at my house, I would hang a fake tail out of his mouth :)

Modern, very clean.  Me likey.

I think the patterned wallpaper really adds to this.  It would be fairly monochromatic without it.

Perfection.  The silver bowl.  It just looks so right.

This one has a lot of things on it but it works for me.  I think the mirror really helps to expand the space so it doesn't feel to cluttered.

This rocks.  The plant on the left makes it to me.  And...the glasses.

All this white but the black stools really helped make it "pow"

More prettiness....and the black chairs are brilliant.
Love the round mirror on top.  This is so classic.

Just enough.  Pictures, mirror in the middle.  It works.

Eye whimsical.

These last few pictures are from Emily Clark.  You guys know her blog.  The first time I visited there I was so impressed with her styling.  She definitely has the gift.
I love how she layered the books.  It really helps to balance the scale of the mirror.  

So now, with all this inspiration, everyone will run in to their foyer and start creating.  I will tell you that taking a picture really helps to see if you are on the right track.  When I am doing bookshelves [which by the way are torturous to me as I don't have the "gift"] that is my tool. 

I pulled these pictures of Decor Pad.   



René said...

This is a post to save for future reference. Thank ya!


1dekorasyon said...

thank you very much for this useful interior design related topic. my appreciation is for your nice presentation.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great post, Sherry. It's funny because sometimes I think something looks good then when I see a photo of it - it looks flat. Great advice!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thanks for the inspiration!

mimi said...

Me likey, too!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i love these!

My Interior Life said...

All great inspirations. I need all the help I can get with styling - I'm not sure I possess the gift either, but I keep trying!!

A Perfect Gray said...

great post. I agree about these little 'stories'.
the second one might be my fave.

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

I can never create a nice vignette! I'll have one in my head that I think is going o be perfect then...blah! I'll refer back to this post next time;-)

Also, brass is back and I am glad! I hung some brass curtain rods in my bedroom...LOVE!

Emily A. Clark said...

Sherry, thanks for my little shout out :) See, I have been caught in being behind on my blog reading! And, btw, that little vignette in my house is totally gone now--replaced w/ bookshelves!

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