It's baaaacccck!

I have been noticing how brass/gold accents have been making a strong comeback.  Everywhere I look from bath fixtures, to coffee table and mirrors I see it.  Maybe it is because of "Mad Men".  Who the hell knows.  Probably the retailers just want you buy so they decided that silver was out so you have to replace everything with gold.  Just to be mean.  Well...I fool them because I am old enough to have had brass/gold, stored it and gotten silver.  Now I am going to bring out all my bling.

I was reading a great post on The Zhush about the resurgent of brass and she had some great pictures so you need to hop over there.

Here are a few other images I grabbed off Decor Pad just to get your juices going!

I want this coffee table so badly that I was thinking of selling my liver on the black market.
How cute are these?
I think my parents had one of these.
I guess I will have to get my cast bronze chandelier out of the attic.
Home Decorators.
I remember when brass objects were a sin!  This is sinfully beautiful.

Dang.  A brass trunk.  Better hit the consignment stores.  You know there is ton's of brass there.  AND...I am sure that a lot of people have NOT gotten the memo.
Sconces.  Pulls on cabinets.
I saw these at a furniture store yesterday.  They were only 42.00.  Might have to go back and get them.

But I will have to draw the line on this.  No brass shower doors.  I just can't go back there.

So hop on over to The Zhush and look at all her beautiful pictures.  Every time you think you have it "they" change it.  Pretty soon we will have to have a warehouse for the yearly change out of brass, silver, iron, pewter......we'll show "them".

Now I have to watch my recorded episode of RHOBH!


Courtney said...

Yeah, I agree. No brass shower doors. Or faucets. Or door knobs. haha. I do love my gold frames and mirrors though. I always knew I was doing good by not painting them out.

A Perfect Gray said...

Too funny! When I saw that brass coffee table I gasped. It's beautiful. Then I read your 'sell my liver' and I about fell out laughing!

Great post...

mimi said...

I still have brass I'm trying to get rid of!!

Chats with Jack said...

Love brass--and mixing metals. I agree! No brass shower doors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Holloway said...

I know... I love brass and silver and I even have some oil-rubbed bronze. I kinda hate stuff too trendy, though. Don't you think the uber-chic really never got rid of brass?

Beautiful images my friend!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I am decorating my new little house in pink & white. With silver. Oh boy... am I already out of style and I haven't even moved in?!
Have a pretty day!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

I'm a classic (classic pieces) brass/gold kind of girl. I never got rid of all of mine. I've always mixed metals. I think it can be done tastefully. But I agree about the shower doors! LOL
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment.

Kitty Deschanel said...

I never, ever thought it would be back! Please swing by and post this on Not "Baaad" Sundays if you get a chance :)

ALR said...

I am a big brass fan...ok that sounded like I was going to say something else. Ha! I like antiqued brass, but not polished brass. I liked the pics until you showed the framed tub, not good.

Amy R.

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower!!! I found you on the Sunday linky!! I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:)
You can find me at

Stacy said...

Oh no, it cannot possibly be back, you liar (j/k!)
I found you through the blog hop on

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