Day four of craziness around my house with carpenters and painters.  I love how y'all are excited for me:)  And.....I am feeling the pressure to think creatively and not just do what's easy.

Why did Michael say no to all the planking?  As a builder he said EVERYBODY is doing it [as a designer I totally know that!] and in his opinion it's "so 2016"....ha ha.  So we met in the middle with the areas that are getting it.

If you guessed around the cabinets then you are right.  It was the only way to cover the seems for the taller boxes taking the cabinets to the ceiling.

I really was going to keep the upper cabinets but the urge to style some shelves just got to me:)  

The drawing you see here is still top secret.....

In this picture we have 3 changes coming.....
#1  I took down the overhead light fixture and added a light on the wall over the window.  
#2  The trim comes down from around the window and the whole wall gets tiled up to the ceiling.  
#3  Last... a new faucet.  Yes I love the Kohler Purist but my sister is happy to be on the receiving end of it!

I pondered over these from Currey and Co.

                     The Compass wall sconce

The Manuscript wall sconce

                     The Eastleigh wall sconce

Ever since I selected the lights for Michaels house I have been a huge fan of this company!

Remember this gorgeous Currey and Co light fixture....The Ringmaster.

I picked the Manuscript!  

This Grohe 31380000 K-7 semi pro chrome faucet is already in my possession!  I researched this type of faucet and the Grohe got great reviews.

I agonized over the tile.....the classic subway [which for someone like me] seemed the way to go.  Always on point..... it's a no-brainer.

But.....I felt this little tap on the shoulder to push a little harder and came up with this.  I mean after all it's still fairly classic right?

5 x 5 square stacked like this with a very light gray grout.  I am thrilled with my decision and lucky me that I found some in stock locally at Renaissnnce Tile
Remember I am on a deadline to get this done quickly as the photoshoot is on the 22nd!

You can't see it but it's a hand painted tile. Here it is on my new Caesarstone Calcutta Nuvo honed countertops [love them]. 

Whew right!  The carpenters should be done today and painters by Saturday.  Tile Monday.  Then the hard part cleaning up and putting everything back together.

Happy Labor Day.....what the heck .....summer is officially over!




Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

Looks amazing! The tweak on regular subway tile is perfection.

Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

Looks amazing! The tweak on regular subway tile is perfection.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

This is going to be so good!!!!!! :)

Belinda said...

Waiting anxiously to see your finished kitchen!! Would you mind sharing what material is being used to do the planking? :))

Mary said...

My laundry room needs to be re-done. I want to shiplap the heck out of it. Am I going to be over it in 10 years? I have beadboard up in the guest bath nearby. Maybe I should just do beadboard in the laundry for continuity.
I love your options for lighting. I would have a hard time choosing one.

Brandi said...

I seriously can't wait to see it all come together! You have the most amazing taste and style!!

dijoknows said...

I don't know what I look forward to the most in your posts .... your hair-raising design ideas or those clever-complimentary-closings.

therelishedroost said...

Oh I Love that first Currey sconce so different but yet transitional!!
This will be a great kitchen!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. I also like the planks; I mean 2016 is almost over, so I'm not sure how relevant the year is-but I think they're a super cute idea. They give me sort of a modern day farm house vibe. With fresh white paint and a few personal touches it will be absolutely beautiful!

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

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