Are y'all just sick to death of me?  I mean I've been blabbing on and on about my project like world peace depends on it.

I promise it's almost done and then of course I won't be able to show you the whole thing until after the issue comes out [it's the winter issue so there won't be much of a wait].

But you know I can sneak some angles:)

I really need to thank Atlanta Magazine's Home for lighting a fire under me.  I would still be looking around thinking to myself "is it REALLY that outdated?"

Hahahahaha.  Yes it was and definitely time for a change.

Here is where we are....

Tile went in and to say I am happy with my decision of the 5 x 5 size is an understatement.

It. Is. Perfect.

I decided no shelves....keep it clean.
Grouted with a light gray from Home time to order a special color:)

 I just about died when I saw the Currey and Co Manuscript sconces go up.  I mean heart stopping craziness....please...the backplate!

  The mirror inside.  

I am hoping to stain my shelves today....they take 48 hours to dry and I am so ready to get all of my dishes off the DR table.

I am going with Minwax Classic Gray.

I started styling my book shelves....but the paint is still sticky so it's slow going.....

Kinda weird cause my old shelves were pine and I used a lot of white.  Since these are white it's a whole new ballgame and I'm liking it!

Of course to say I am obsessed with black and white is an understatement.

Constantly searching online for accessories [like I don't have enough].

I stumbled on these from Anthropologie

Maybe a cute rug near the sink.....

Love the art and of course those vases have my name on them right?

Outdoor rug, art and that tassel.....yes please!

I already ordered my wallpaper for a couple of places but I love these.  And that throw is pretty swell along with the art!

Still have my Grohe faucet to be installed and today the curtains are going in!  

It's like my birthday everyday:)

Of course everything has that wonderful layer of dust on it so I will be busy cleaning all weekend.

13 days until the photoshoot!



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, love the tile and the light, everything is looking fabulous.

Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

Amazing, that tile! Black and white with gray.... Sigh

Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

Amazing, that tile! Black and white with gray.... Sigh

Lyn said...

Like the look with the bird picture and glassware.

JPost said...

This is just beautiful. Can you tell me a little about the window trim with the tile? Is that wood or tile? It also looks like there is a fine bar piece as well. Thank you so much.

pam {simple details} said...

SO good ~ love every single bit of it!!


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

IT looks fabulous so far!!! I cannot wait to see then entire house in Atalanta home!

Kathysue said...

♥♥♥ it all, I truly do and I was so glad to see you did not use a dark/black grout. All of your choices are spot-on. Love the 5X5 tile. Is it handmade? It has the look of a handmade/glazed tile the way it reflects the light. The lighting is spectacular to say the least. I am so excited and happy for you!!! EEEEEEEE!
xo Kathysue

LilyBart said...

Of course we're not sick of this - this project is exciting! Please keep it coming

BTW, I used platinum grout in my bathroom project (white subway tiles) and I'm still congratulating myself for the smart choice - its looks great!

Mary said...

It's beautiful!

Patti said...

LOVE - I wish I could start all over with black and white! Great choices -

janet said...

Take a look at Troy Lighting "Brooklyn" wall sconce.

They are wonderful! I have two of them on my wall unit and love the mirrored lining. Truly a heavy well made product with industrial look. At $375 each, they are also significantly cheaper. We used the edison style bulbs in ours.

Cindy said...

Love everything! Can you give some details on the shelves? What type of wood and how are they installed? You are so much fun!

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

This is making it like Christmas everyday for us too! I can't wait to see this whole thing come together!!

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