Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend!  

The only place that wasn't a mess during the construction was my bedroom so I spent a lot of time in there....but yesterday around 4:30 everyone was finished up and gone!

After reading the title of this post you are probably thinking OK.....what?

Well the first and most important thing is this "Know when you don't know".  Seriously I did what I tell everyone NOT to do and started backing into this little reno.

What I should have done was call Michael on day one.  What I would recommend to you is spend the money and consult with an architect, contractor and a designer.....even if only for 1 hour.

I started with having the cabinets raised and new doors made.  
Then I had the countertops installed.

Why?  Because the shiplap is thicker and I had to have Phil [the cabinet guy] come get a drawer and door to be made smaller.  

If I had it to do over....I would remove the countertops first, have the cabinet boxes [to take them to the ceiling] made, then have all of the trim done, install countertops and paint.

25 years in this business and still learning.

So let's get to some pictures....

All new trim around doors and windows.  It's called Backband.

New crown called Bedmoulding.
What a difference just that made.

Painted the door SW Urbane Bronze.  
For some reason the door was about 2 1/2 inches shorter than the windows so Michael suggested to add a piece of wood to the top and paint it the dark color....kind of an "eye trick"!

Invisible door.  It has a touch latch on it.

These huge brackets are everything to me. See before how the right side of the kitchen just kind of fell away....

This was the perfect way to add some architectural interest to my 8 ft ceiling room!

 The tile will go up to the ceiling...no crown.  The big decision is whether to add a shelf on either side of the window.  My gut says NO.....because I really think the brackets need to be the star.....your thoughts?

Then if that wasn't enough....

More details....!

I am doing sheer linen panels here to help raise the eye.  Down come the natural wood shades which I got a Target about 15 years ago!

I know y'all thought I was crazy to sell the pine bookcases but I think this will be a more updated look.

Here's a treat for you.... how my kitchen looked fairly soon after moving in [1994].
Before the bookcases were even built!

Yep that is some nice fake ivy on top of the cabinets:)
I had white corian countertops, white sink and a white faucet!  I feel like I have come back to my roots....ha ha.

I know someone will ask.....the paint color is of course my favorite....BM White Dove.

The shiplap is spruce.

This week the tile and lighting....can't wait!

  16 days until the photoshoot.....living on the edge:)



Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love the changes and can't wait to see it finished!

Lisa said...

It's gorgeous and thank you for the tips and sharing the new space with us. i want to shiplap the whole house now.

mollie's mom said...

Ok, the curve of that bracket and at the end of the bottom cabinets is crazy good!! I'm in awe. And in a selfish way I really appreciate you posting the before pic with fake ivy on top of the cabinets.... it makes me feel a little better about my past decor decisions!!
Love it all.

karen said...

Loving those sexy curves. Especially on the bottom cabinet. I can see a shelf or two in the upper curve area. You are such a rock star whatever you there will be perfect. Perfect, I say!

Renae Moore said...

Shapooped!!! So get that!

Love the architectural details, I agree with ^^^Karen, you could add a shelf on either side of the window, in the upper curved area. Otherwise, you're going to want to hang something there anyway!

Thanks so much for sharing. Do you mind sharing your cabinet painter's name? I'm considering it myself.

Love what you have done taking down the old book cases and doing the shiplap updated. Fab. And covering the rock around the fireplace.

Kathysue said...

We all live and learn and in this business that is something I love, always on a learning curve as long as it is not at my clients expense. The brackets are genius. Love the tile all the way up to the ceiling. As far as the shelves go, I know you are going for a very clean more minimal look, but I also know you love texture, However your family room is right off of the kitchen where you have shelves to add your touch, so I would probably for go the shelving because of that and your original goal of updated and clean space. IMHO

Mary said...

A couple of things...Are you planning on painting your mantel dark to tie in with your doors?
And how have your floors held up since you white-washed them?
Is your husband excited about the new look?

Anonymous said...

I think this is going to look amazing! I love your choices, and can't wait to see the finished look!

And I'm also a little relieved that people with talent, experience and good instincts look back and wish they'd done things a little differently too. I'm always assuming its only me!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Adding that dark piece to the the French doors so the frames are the same height is a great idea...have to file that away. You are doing such a great job!

Susan Tucker said...

Loving all of it. A successful project is ALL in the DETAILS and REPEATING them, you genius you. Digging the curves...Love that you added the dark piece to the top of the door (details).
What to do, what to do over the sink?.....I think shelves...THANK YOU for sharing your past pics. Enjoyed them much. I live for your posts, and YES, I have a life, a very busy one in fact. I enjoy your blog and FB page greatly!!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Beautiful architectural details. Love the whole project! So tasteful!

michele said...

omg those curvy bracket corbel things. mad mad gorgeous. you ARE livin on the edge so i shall say a prayer for you that you would recover reserves of strength to push forward to victory! keep it up, warrior...i'm right on your heels. xox

Jennifer Schoenberger said...

omg! its all sooo amazing!!!! so happy for you...can't wait to watch you restyle your new built ins two hundred times before they admit us to the old folks home. xoxoxo

Carla Schwartz Design said...

Love it! I love your step by step approach to blogging, it's fun to read :) My parents' kitchen had a massive flood so it came down to the studs and I'm helping them design their remodel. I'm learning as I go too, but unfortunately so are the contractors...they put baseboards around the entire room before installing any cabinets?? Full renos are always an adventure....

Sarah Stewart said...

This is going to be beyond amazing! So excited to see how it turns out!

Edward Daniels said...

Like the changes you have done. This article is new learning for me. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward for your net post.
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Alaina said...

I have enjoyed every post and I can't wait to see the finished room. I just love the brackets and how big they are, great detail.

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