Did I tell you about my photoshoot?  Oh yeah I fact I blabbed about it for about 3 weeks right?  Well I got a sneak peek at the shots and y'all I am giddy with excitement.  It's a whole bunch of black and whiteness all over the pages!  

Who is happy about that?  


My friend Jana Bek asked me to partner with her and 23 other designers to celebrate the talent of interior photographers.  We all know that a good photographer can make a room go from ho hum to beautiful with their skills!  

I have experienced that many times in my career!

I just recently worked with Anthony-Masterson [anthony.masterson on Instagram] at my house and I am smitten with the hip vibe they bring to a shoot....

I love this shot.....
Jayme Armour Designs

This was my sister's ORC a few years back!

The first time my house was photographed for Better Homes and Gardens the beautiful and talented Sarah Dorio showed up! [Sarah Dorio on Instagram]

Seeing this makes me a little nostalgic....ha ha!

Last fall I worked with Erica George Dines [Erica George Dines on Instagram] on Michael Ladisics house for Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  She is the ultimate professional.

This was one of my favorite shots of the dining room.

And I loved the light on this one....

Another photographer who's skills are unmatched is Emily Followill. [efollowill on Instagram]

Just look at this beautiful shot from a showhouse a few years back.
Melanie Turner

Her book came out last year!

And last my good friend Tina Rowden [Tina Rowden on Instagram]

Tina is a wedding photographer but also does interiors.
This was one of my favorite shots from Michaels previous house.

I hope you will check out these other designers and their favorite photographers today and on Instagram #camerareadyinteriors

When I look back over some of my pitiful attempts at photography I cringe. 

 Just what the heck was I thinking and why did I not hire a professional?

I am making a proclamation right now to do prepared and call someone who knows what the heck they are doing!



Kathysue said...

You are so RIGHT, good photography makes all the difference. I can not get a good shot of my home if my life depended on it. Everyone that comes here always comments on how much bigger and prettier it is in person, so what does that tell you? My photography skills suck big time. I can't wait to see your kitchen in the magazine. I am so excited for you and it has been fun to watch your career take off over the years. I told you a long time ago how talented you were and now it is YOUR time and well deserved my friend, Enjoy the ride!
xo Kathysue

Wonderful Life! said...

That is the picture of your house from BHG that my client pulled out of a folder last week as her inspiration photo for the renovation we are beginning soon! Still looks beautiful to me too! And I had the same pillows on my sofa, but pillows must change often, right? 🙋🏻

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