I was so happy last weekend not having a mile long list looming over my head!  And seriously.....every morning when I walk out to my kitchen I smile 'cause I'm a happy girl and feel so lucky to have such a beautiful space to not cook in:)

Of course the fun is over and I am back to work trying to play catch up.  This whole post started when I saw an ad in a magazine for Lacefield Designs new pillows!  

They were this blushy mauve color....

Did I miss something?  Is it back?

I know Pantone tried to bring it back a while ago and I seem to remember that we were all standing around scratching our heads.....

I did see these rugs which were slightly more pink!

That got me looking for "pretty in pink" rooms and accessories.

Nothing like a good rabbit hole to get me distracted!

I saw these at Wisteria....on deep gray walls maybe?

I think my favorite pairing with pink would be grays and greens.

I saw this door and swooned.....

The color of this house did the same thing:)

Which then prompted me to search for a few grown up rooms using pink that I could live with....

Anne Hepfer

Jan Showers

Interior design: Clay Snider
Bath design: Matthew Quinn

Design by Stephen Shubel

Funny how I started out with mauve and ended up with pink....

I couldn't find many.....but THEN I SAW THESE....

Now your talking....Jayne Mansfield's house in Life Magazine.


But wait....hold the door people cause I stumbled across this bunch of prettiness!

Suzanne Kasler nailed it.  I could definitely hang in this room with what she described as "shell pink". 

I can stop now. 

Enough talk about pink.  Gotta walk Cami and get to work!





karen said...

The skinny little house is precious, it couldn't be any other color could it?

Kathysue said...

Oh yes it is back big time!! I won't be using it as a main color but definitely might add a touch for a Spring change with my blues and black and whites. However Pink is the one color I want to add more of to my wardrobe. I am crushing on a cute pink coat and a cute pair of pink and black flats, blush pink lives on!!
Happy Tuesday to you and enjoy a cup of coffee for me in your beautiful new space!

Victoria said...

Last year I painted my bedroom walls in a Farrow and Ball color called Setting Plaster. It is a sophisticated (IMO) shade of dirty pink. The door color you found swoon worthy was precisely the color of the front door of my former house in the country. I painted it in the 1990's and changed it to a mossy green before I sold the house in 2009 when "mauve" was considered dated. I still love the color. Your new kitchen is lovely.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Not a fan of mauve but Oh that little pink house! How perfect is that?

michele said...

...except there is NEVER enough talk about pink. especially shell pink since 'shel' is my name to family and friends! it's such a challenge to use it with sophistication. but when it succeeds it sweeps you off your feet like that pink door. like brad pitt before all the baggage. like brad pitt's debut in 'thelma and louise.' that's pink done right. xox

designchic said...

I love it in small doses and could definitely live in Suzanne Kasler's room and of course the precious house! Happy Thursday, Sherry!

Herry Johnson said...

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