I wasn't going to post today cause I don't really have anything different to say other than I am still plugging along at this overhaul of my house:)

One reason is.... I ditched my responsibility and headed out of town Sat and Sun. 

I know..... I can be crazy like that.  Last minute plans to head to Lake Oconee to celebrate the House Beautiful article with.....Michael Ladisic and his wife Lisa joining Matthew Quinn and Ric Parish at their killer home.

Boy am I glad I said yes.  When the captain of the football team ask you out for a date you go even if you don't have a dress. 

Right?  Kapow.....

I learned so much....you are laughing right?  What could that mean?
This spread was waiting for us when we arrived....along with chilled Rose.  And every meal was a presentation just like it straight out of Southern living.  

I thought of the times when people have come to my house and I would think....I have coffee yes check, cream yes check, toast yes check.  We're good then.


I now feel completely inadequate.  Have people been snickering behind my back saying things like "bless her heart".

 I fished y'all but I did not get in the water.  Oh no.  I am not game for getting into bodies of water where you can't see the bottom.  Childhood fear that has stayed with me.

Lisa and I doing the activity called "day drinking"....which I am not really an expert at:)

And these chairs......

We had fun dissecting the article and I got a little freaked out seeing my name in print in HB.  OK... so the print was really tiny.

Things were definitely back to normal with frozen pizza for dinner Sunday night.

Back to the overhaul.....

I got a little giddy when this Schumacher wallpaper was installed.

 "Stevie" was hung.....

Since I never did any spring planting I had my landscape guy just "pine straw the hell" out of my yard and I moved this old sundial in front of the window.....
 Kind of a lame attempt but I have always been a "smoke and mirror" kind of chick.

And this was yesterday after going up and down the basement stairs about 4,000 times looking for an inch of space to cram stuff.

I will be back on Friday hopefully with a few images from the shoot.....And next week things can go back to normal!

Thanks for hanging in with me y'all.



LRae said...

What a nice weekend! Really looking forward to seeing the kitchen reveal. All the teaser shots look gorgeous. I guess your foot is feeling better!

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

You are so funny! I can not wait to see this images from your shoot....I just know it will be beautiful!

StagerLinda said...

So jealous of your wonderful weekend! Hang in there, you to can master the skill of "day drinking"! I am definitely a 'Smoke and Mirrors" girl. So excited to see the final reveal.

Renee said...

Holy #&$! That deck ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Kathysue said...

I am pinning the tray of food, that is gorgeous!! It looks like you saw a little piece of paradise this weekend!! Glad you got to relax and enjoy a couple of days!!! Now back to work!!! You are doing an amazing job, so impressed with you, as always!

therelishedroost said...

It was wonderful to see my favorite artist of all time STEVIE up on that wall, I had so many posters like that back in College so glad to see that rocker chic vibe resurface!! I am so thrilled that you are in HB you truly deserve it! xo K

Kerry@homecrushblog.com said...

Was that smoked trout in the food shot? Amazing pics!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Looking forward to seeing your amazing house! Good luck!

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