Holy fabric craziness.....I really did not think I would get so much response to my fabric sale.

I have tried to get back to everyone that emailed me but I just created turmoil in my life with this little "gig".

All of the plans I had to finish my yard work and do a little painting turned into rolling out fabrics to see what was left.


OK....on to other things.

While I was looking at wallpapers for my foyer [yes the black and white stripes have gone bye bye] I was reminded of the first paper I used in that space.

When I first saw it in the showroom I could not believe how real it looked reaching out to actually pet it:)

I kept it for about 10 years and I am not sure why I took it down because I am still pretty smitten with it.

Here is a picture of it up which I took from the Pierre Frey website.

While I was looking for this wallpaper on the website I saw a few more iconic Pierre Frey papers to share with you.

This is called Nekai and also comes in this beautiful color way...

Yum right?

I found this image on their website....

This is called Odalys.  I used to have the fabric on a pair of occasional chairs and still have them in the basement:)  
Crazy hoarder.

This one is Jamaica.  I know you have seen it around the internet.


Jardin de Paradis
Of course I love this one....classic black and cream.


This gorgeous pink.....La Fontaine

I am sure this one looks better up but I have always loved a small print like this.  The pattern is Indus Tise

This is a new one.....Jardin De Mysore

Some of these are pretty bold which would look good in a small powder room or and accent wall behind a bed.

Here are a few examples in case you need to be convinced.

This large scale paper is Sigourney from China Seas

Marjourie Skouras
Martinique Banana Leaf

Cole and Sons
I know you are familiar with this one....

Notice how they kept all the other materials in these rooms fairly simple and allowed the print be the focal point.  And yes....many of these are expensive papers but you could always hire a painter to give you a similar look right?  Also....maybe for just one wall the price would not be that bad.  

I'll let you decide:)

Also....I worked on this makeover last weekend....
I bought this at Scott's about 10 years ago.....I know.....call me slow but I knew one day I would have some inspiration.

Apparently according to my husband there has been a little too much inspiration going on lately:)

But he was happy when I sold my DR table off CL on Saturday! 

Just because it is Monday don't be all mopey.....cause you have a whole week to "git it done".



Vel Criste said...

You had gorgeous fabric at fantastic prices so I was sure it would sell like hotcakes Sherry! Love all these papers, so hard to pic a fave!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

So much going on! I love your new walls in your DR and congrats on selling the table! phew! Loved your fabric offerings. Let us all know if you have any left. Good luck on the wallpaper choices. I just love the Sigourney from China Seas. Have a great week. xo Nancy

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hello gorgeous botanicals!!! I want to wallpaper a Maine guestroom in a foral chintz - perfect timing! Speaking oh Maine - our moving truck broke down on the highway in CT. How's that for a good start??

Kimberly Lemmon said...

So many gorgeous options - some I have never seen. Congrats on the cl transaction!

therelishedroost said...

All beyond gorgeous I dont know which I could even choose from , they are all classic and timeless!

melinda said...

I just received the leopard print wallpaper I ordered for my powder room. Can't wait to hang it !

melinda said...

Oh I forgot to ask ~~~ where is your cowhide rug from? Thanks.

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Wow...you have some beauties there!!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love those ottomans...I wish I had a Scotts!

Jemsmom said...

Can you tell me where to find the leopard print fabric that you have on the stool? I am obsessed!

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