Many times when I am starting a plan for a client I try to find a fabric that is not used very often.  It's my way of giving them that little extra effort of hiring a designer to personalize their space.

Recently I posted a picture of a plan on Instagram and I got a few emails asking about one of the fabrics.

The fabric in the middle is by Kerry Joyce Textiles.  

Kerry is an LA based designer.  He was repeatedly selected as one of America's Best interior designers for 7 years by House Beautiful.  In the examples below you can see his clean lines and sophisticated textures with a touch of glamour.

This room is so beautifully curated. I love the rich texture of the velvet sofas, natural fiber rugs along with white walls.

I am a fan of 2 sofas.... if there is space, and that beautiful mirror over the mantel.

Oh mommie....those walls and white bedding.

Again...white walls and then the warmth of wood. Love the brass window hardware and the leather sofa at the foot of the bed.  Also notice the wood on the ceiling.

His look is classic and timeless.  Let's hear it for the framed ferns huh!

And then....these turquoise steps.  Now I am officially in love.

But....just when you think you understand his style you see this....

But back to his fabrics.

I picked a few of my favorites.  He also has furniture , lighting , rugs and wallpaper.

I think his style reminds me a little of Daryl Carter and Thomas O'Brian....what about you?

Yesterday I worked in the yard all day.  Y'all that kind of hard labor is not for wimps.  I had this whole area of rosemary [planted years ago] that had gotten out of hand and then of course the winter weather was not kind.

I was sick of looking at it so I pulled those prickly bushes up.  Unfortunately I don't have before pictures cause usually when I start yard work I lose interest quickly and don't finish it. 

Some sort of miracle happened yesterday and I completed the whole task.  

 I still have some planting to do in another area....but I am crossing this one off my list.

I got smart this time and put the rosemary in containers.  My favorite thing is this old birdbath I got at Scotts probably 8 years ago.

This area might not look that big but I put in 22 plants and used 10 huge bags of mini pint nuggets.

Right in the middle is a Crapemyrtle and my husband decided to give it a little trim....I guess he wanted to feel useful as he has a bad back and really can't do much yard work.

It looks like a dead shrub now.  Bless his heart. next up on Wednesday are updates on the ORC.  You ready?



Simply LKJ said...

Love the fabrics, and gorgeous rooms. The turquoise stairs are amazing. We spent some time putting our garden in. However, that is as far as I got...the pollen is so bad!!!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Kerry Joyce hits a home run! I love the timeless, chic, sophisticated style!

taylor greenwalt said...

Sheri..I love the fabrics you pulled pretty! I'm going to have to look into Kerry Joyce Fabrics..

A Perfect Gray said...

love the first room you featured the best.

did you get to scott's? i got up at 5 am to go then decided I did NOT want to spend 6 hours on the road.

Ima get back one day!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I've decided to wait until the pollen stops dropping before I tackle anything in the yard. It certainly isn't because I'm just too lazy to go outside and work. Nope, no way.

Anonymous said...

First, I apologize for being anonymous, but the other options won't work for me.
All the work you did in your yard must have been exhausting, but it was beautifully done. I prefer the mini-nuggets also, but dislike all the wood chips in the mixture. I try to pick them out as I go, but never manage to retrieve them all.
Your home is always so lovely and I look forward to each new post.

Vel Criste said...

Thank you for this morning ooh-la-la's! Glad your garden is coming along beautifully, I know it will be worth all the effort in the end!

michele said...

oh sherr, i want to live in the photo with the turquoise steps. don't you think i need to? shouldn't i talk to the husband about building a house around the exact same sort of entry? i'm telling him you said we HAVE to.

happy new week, gangsta.


Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

You crack me up every single time :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh No!!! Crepe murder! Love your lavender farm! :)

Jill Sorensen-LiveLikeYou said...

The Turquoise steps, that will be my DIY for our guesthouse in Sweden this summer. So adorable!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

Love the "new to me" fabrics! Thanks for the introduction and I love your fabric scheme. so classic.

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designchic said...

Love his style and the fabrics are amazing. The one you chose is my favorite - adds a touch of whimsy to any space! Can't wait to see how you room is coming!

designchic said...

Love his style and the fabrics are amazing. The one you chose is my favorite - adds a touch of whimsy to any space! Can't wait to see how you room is coming!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, Thanks for sharing those gorgeous fabrics! I never thought I'd be a fan of velvet sofas either, but they looked so chic in that blue-gray color. What a great room! Have fun in the garden!

Kathysue said...

Sherry I LOVE Kerry's designs and his fabrics, amazing! I pinned away!
Your flowerbed looks great. You are going to love the dianthus in the Spring, its magenta blooms against that silvery blue gray foliage just glows. I have it in my front yard it is so pretty this time of year.
That was HARD labor you just did. Sending you a big pat on the back,
xo Kathysue

therelishedroost said...

Kerry Joyce is so lovely and with that faded quality and hand blocked appeal it's a favorite!!

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Thanks for the introduction to Kerry Joyce Textiles! You always know how to pull the winning combo EVERY TIME! Love what you are doing in the garden. When you get a minute, I need some help over here, lol. No, but for real tho.

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