Monday, February 13, 2012


Alrighty then!  It finally decided to get cold here in Atlanta.  There was no easing into this gig was all of a sudden 32 degrees.  

  We were somewhat complaining and now I deeply regret that.  I want it back the way it was.

But heck....March is just around the corner.....

Are you ready to view what I saw at Scott's this month???

  I'm just going to start in order of what I came across when I stepped right out of my car.....

Blue.....of course
Stripe.....hell yeah.

Cute kidney shaped ottomans....

Pretty yummy rugs.....

Driftwood...painted white.  Of course.  What doesn't look good in white?

This guy would definitely look better painted white.

Reclaimed headboard....

I mean you can make one but here it is already to go in your room.....
These kind of lights are all over the place at Scott's.  Prices are good also.

Did I post this last month????  Kind of looks familiar.  Too lazy to go back and look.

I love the style of this coffee table.

This green paint got in the wrong hands in my opinion.  Whoa.

Serious coolness.....sold.

This orange is much better.....Still can't get over that green.

Old paint brushes.....hang em up....

I have six of these in my basement.  Need to paint.  Some year.
Coffee table....I it.

I think this was a deal already painted.  The lines are great.

This one also.  If your are coming better bring a big car.......some friends of mine went in a mini cooper.   They had to go back today and pick up what they bought.   

My reward for a hard days work :)

Pillows and art work soon.

I ordered 2 of these [on sale now] from Wisteria for a client.

They are great!!!

Wednesday I am going to be guest posting on The Mustard Ceiling .  Elizabeth asked me all kinds of questions.......which made me have to think......and focus.  Not very good at either.  She is going on vacation.  Lucky dog.

I have some good stuff in the horizon...This month celebrates my second year of blogging. me anyway!   I will be putting together a smashing giveaway to celebrate.  

I hope everyone had a supreme Weekend.


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lisaroyhandbags said...

wow, great stuff! You had me at those striped chaises! Love the tables you got! :)

Susan said...

I love, want, need those blue striped french chairs!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Nice! Was hoping to get there, but a migraine derailed my plans... thanks for sharing the bliss!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I can definitely, for a fact, tell you I "need" that blue chair!!

So many great things Sherry. I don't think I will ever get to Atlanta, but should I happen to go, I will bring a truck. I always enjoy virtual visits to Scott's and know the real life visit would be fabulous!

Acquired Objects said...

Those blue striped chairs and those kidney shaped ottomans would have come home with me they're fabulous! I think I'm going to have to fly down and rent a uhaul to drive back up. I haven't been to Scott's in years and time to go back!


Beth said...

dreaming of those blue striped chairs.....sigh......

Cathy Wall said...

I am with you on the green, yikes! As always, you find the best stuff at Scott's!

Kelly said...

I love those industrial looking lights with the wire and rope. How neat! Love that first pic of all the grey and blue furniture too. Thanks for the monthly Scott's tour!

Privet and Holly said...

Hey Girlie!
Hope you are staying
warm, although 32 in
February to a far North
inhabitant sounds pretty
good : ). Do you know
how blessed you are to
have Scotts in your own
back yard? I loved the
blue striped chair and
laughed out loud about
the fish!!!

xx Suzanne

A Delightful Design said...

That fish had me laughing through the post. Can't say I have the place for that. ;-) Love that grey cabinet. If only MI was closer.

Can't wait to read what you wrote for Elizabeth. It was a pretty extensive interview!

Design is... All in the Detail said...

You are a braver soul than I! Saturday was definitely too cold for me to head to Scott's but it looks like I missed a lot (Of course) Thanks for sharing... maybe I will run into you next time (When the weather warms up!)
Have a marvelous Monday.

Amanda said...

great finds!! so jealous you have such goodness at your doorstep!

Wonderful Life! said...

I loved the coffee tables you featured. I did not see the charcoal one...hum..I also missed the bright green side tables, which is amazing as bright as they were! Looking forward to the next post, and more pics!

Annie H. said...

All beautiful but especially love that first blue chair and ottoman, what a great store.

The enchanted home said...

Love the chairs/ottoman in first chair..I think you should host a bloggers conference AT Scotts and arrnage with them to open their doors to us exclusively for the isn't that a great idea!!
I have to get there one day!

michele said...

seriously coveting the old paint brushes. love!


helen tilston said...

Hi Sherry

Thanks for showing such beautiful items from Scotts.

The cookie has made me hungry

Helen xx

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I want to go to Scotts so bad. They have the greatest things. I am also going to look at Wisteria.

Julian | sofas piel said...

I love the striped upholstered chairs, the linen fabric makes it appealing and warm

Decorating, dining, drinking thru Durham said...

I really look forward to your Scott's posts. I am always blown away with the unique pieces and wish we had something like this in my neck of woods. Cheers to Scott's!

Happy heart day!

Kathysue said...

I would love to go shopping at Scotts with you or for that matter shopping and lunch anywhere would be fun with YOU! xo Kathysue

Splendid Willow said...

Hi my friend,

I will soon be giving you money so that you can shop for me. I am serious. I am hunting for a cool sideboard for the guest room.

Happy Valentine's day. I heart YOU! You have it all.

ox, Mon

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

That green scares me too! Loving all the cool coffee tables.

Christy said...

Love the ottomans!! I saw the old paint brushes as well..thought they were super cool!!! Maybe next time I'll get to meet up with you at Scott's!!!

Maury Kilgo said...

You are too cute! I'm a new follower and found you from the Mustard Ceiling! I hope you'll follow me back!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure those round black tables are from Wisteria? I can't find them on their site.

Jacquelyn {The 20 Something Society} said...

Wow - those light fixtures would be PERFECT for my kitchen redo this summer - love em!

Jessie said...

All fabulous, fabulous stuff, Sherry! Love the striped chaise and the blue hutch!


Mike said...

I love the green that was on the table and did you finish eating that cookie. If you don't want to finish it I will.

Schill said...

That green scares me too! Loving all the cool coffee tables.