Sorry this post is late....but guess what?  I am sick again.  I  This is getting ridiculous and I am now a firm believer that stress DOES make you sick.  I eat right....drink moderately....exercise and take vitamins.  The 2 factors that I think are the cause..... is lack of sleep and the stress.

Damn.  Damn.  Damn.

And of course I am out here in Boulder. 

On Sunday when I arrived the stairwell light fixture [Circa Lighting] was getting installed. 

Let me just say it was a bear to get up but oh so worth it!

These pretties got installed on the wall....

Also the Currey and Co Serpentina in the DR

The bathroom is coming along....

They were painting the vanity yesterday.

That night Greg and I went to dinner at The Kitchen.  It was so good!

The Sticky Toffee Pudding will put you in a coma.

No lie.

And they are definitely ready for the holidays...

The snow started around 3 on Monday and this was 8:00.

It snowed all night....

Seriously about 13 inches!  Which since we are house bound today gives me time to do this post!

It was a busy week getting ready to leave town.  I picked up some art from a new gallery....Jennifer Balcos Gallery here in Atlanta.

Can't wait to get the other pieces framed and hung!

Got this wallpaper hung with some new lighting and now I have to find the perfect mirror and accessories....the hard part of course:)

These gorgeous curtains were hung on Friday.

And ordered some pretty pillow fabrics for the LR

On Thursday night I went to an event at The Hotel Clermont put on by Fabricut/S. Harris fabrics.  Had such a delicious dinner!

Got a glimpse of a project that was featured in Atlanta Magazine home.

So excited to show you the rest of the images.

Also checked on a Ladisic Fine Homes project that I am working on....look at this stairwell!

The furniture got delivered for my sisters porch and I had 5 minutes on Sat to throw it together....More time for zhushing when I get home!

 Happy Thanksgiving to the Jacksons....this image taken a few year ago at my sisters.

My dog sitter sent me this picture of Cami....she seems to be doing OK without me....haha

I hope all of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year....I am excited to be here with my Boulder crew....even though I am sick.  I could let out a string of cuss words about that but then you would have a different view of me:)

And of course the Black Friday sales....which have morphed into black Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on.

Hugs and Love to all of my friends out there!



Mary said...

Get some more of that sticky toffee pudding & go take a long nap. Your body is trying to tell you something.
Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy Boulder.

Jen said...

Stay warm out there! My son goes to CU and luckily he flew home just before the storm hit. Boulder is such a beautiful city. Enjoy the white Thanksgiving!

June Pope said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your gang! And that you get well! And that you can get home safely! Take some time to destress and rest! Maybe being housebound is what you need. BTW your pics are beautiful and I’m so impressed with the high level of work you do! God bless you honey!

debra @ 5th and state said...

Bloody stress, does a girl in. Feet up Sherry!

I have been dying for a client to hang that Thomas O'Brian chandy, looks fab, all looks fab. painted vanity???? Off to google search

Take care & get well friend

AnneHH said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry!!!!!! Hope you feel better very soon. Yep to stress as the ultimate weapon against your immune system but little by little yours will build back up. Take it SUPER easy.........hey, it's not always a bad thing to be sick at Thanksgiving and just go to the table to eat rather than spend the whole day on your feet in the kitchen. I know! Still look back fondly on that year. :) Thank you SO much for posting today. It was a little gift to myself to sit and read it and enjoy the gorgeous photos whilel drinking a cup of tea before I launch myself into the To DO list! Sending lots of healing love!! AnneHH xo

Charlotte said...

Hang in there and feel better soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!

onnery said...

Feel better and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving and I hope you feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

You MUST carry lysol or chlorox wipes with you - wipe every grocery cart, use the wipes to open door knobs, wipe your airplane tray table and anything your hands touch near your seat, carry them into the airplane bathroom and use to open/close door AND keep your hands away from your face. Wipe your purse handles down every day (and the bottom of your purse). Wipe your steering wheel and car door handles. Most of all, wipe your phone and ipad and any computer mouses, etc.

You are in a debilitated state and if you follow the above advice, you won't get sick as often. You may even consider not hugging your family/friends right now and stay away from sick people.

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Elstar said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Kelly Wearstler wallpaper in the powder room is dynamite! Also love your sister’s new porch furniture ala you!
Sorry to know that you’ve gotten a bug. Slow down, rest and be cozy.
Treat yourself with the love and care in which you’d give to Cami, one of your sisters, a small child if they’d experienced betrayal this year.
You’re special, own it! ❤️

michele said...

Love these glimpses from your projects - but I'm not happy to hear you are under the weather again. Boo. If you lived near me, I would give you a reflexology treatment to bring relief to your symptoms and prompt that immune system to amp up the healing. Praying you'll recover soon and that peace will find you right where you are. Happy Thanksgiving, friend. xox

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