Sorry I missed was a travel day..... back to Atlanta from Boulder.  How rude of me:)

Before I left Atlanta though I did a small install for my neighbors guest bedroom and bath.  Her son has graduated from college...gotten a big boy job and apartment. parents do...we stripped the bookshelves of the trophies and high school year books to make it a proper guest suite!

I was excited to finally got to use a favorite color combination of blue and navy.

To start is the before of the headboard we were using which had been in the family for a while.

The wall color is BM Newburyport Blue

It was in need of some help....agree?

OK....the good things.... the woven shades were perfect.  The wall color was we just had a new coat painted.

Window seat before had no cushion.....

After headboard was recovered.

Here is the kicker though.  I had originally planned for the headboard to be a tan wool and the window seat to be covered in the above fabric.  When they brought it back they had reversed the choice.  Uh Oh......

He was fine to take it back and remake it all but we kind of liked it so he lucked out....because that fabric wasn't cheap:)

You can see the tan window seat cushion here.  We also had the back of the bookshelves papered with the left over wallpaper from the bathroom makeover!

The next part of the equation was finding a rug.  
I did find this Pottery Barn rug for a great price and we almost pulled the trigger but she decided she wanted something nicer.   This one was a little dull compared to what we finally used!

So I brought in a Moroccan and a Kazak style rug.

As you can see the patterned rug won out!  

It made the room come alive!

A little bookshelf styling....

I got the stripe pillows from Homegoods and the smaller brown stripe from Noah J and Co.

She had the gorgeous art which we stacked on this large wall.

Pretty pillows on the bed.  I had some fabric left over from the window seat...that beautiful Schumacher I had dutch pillow shams made.  I think they are 26 x 36 and then a pretty lumbar and she had the smaller blue lumbar.

The lamps are from Circa lighting

We also used the coverlet she already had but the duvet cover wasn't ready yet.....

I used her books and just tried to add some good texture with a few flea market finds....

How about we discuss the bathroom on Friday? We did just paint and wallpaper but as you guys know that can be a huge game changer!

So....I am going to try and put up some Christmas not a tree or anything like that [let's not get crazy here] but maybe some greenery and a few candles.  I'm not gonna lie.....the holidays are proving to be a little rough for me. 

I will fill my time with work, friends and Cami.....the good things in my life.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.....I promise I am not going to drag you guys down with my life.  This is a joyous season and I am going to make it that way!

It's all about attitude right!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful room you’ve created. I love that you didn’t start all over, but used some existing pieces. Thanks for the inspiration.

hollybholly said...

What a beautiful room! Your magic touch and keen eye have made a lovely room for the mister as well without being too masculine.

Laura | Everyday Edits said...

HI Sherry! Love the room! Did you find the little sconces at the same place? I am obsessed with scones these days! laura

Jenny B said...

Love this room and your attitude. But don't worry about keeping it light - keep it real if you like! We are all here for whatever you bring, baby!

AnneHH said...

Oh, my goodness!!! Your work is so beautiful! What an incredible transformation!! I can't believe how fortunate your community is to have you working in it. Time and time again you prove that you don't have to spend money needlessly and can source from high and low stores and reuse existing items owned by your clients. That is truly a gift you give to those who work with you and to all who read your blog. As for the tone of the blog, "Feel all your feels!!!" This is our family's philosophy and it works really well. Everyone owns their pain and difficulties and feels affirmed. Still plenty of room for joy in that scenario. xoxo

Gail Storti said...

Once again, you waved your magic wand and created a beautiful guest room without doing a major redo. I love it and the rug really made it all come together. I just wish you had reasons to come to Los Angeles, I certainly could use your expert talents in my home.

You could never bring us down with your life, Sherry! With all you’re going through, your wonderful sense of humor brings joy to my day. Hope your followers bring that same joy to your day.

Roberta said...

I love your blog. I find it snarky and funny but with a lot of good design content as well. But I am writing with a dilemma. How do you handle drapery on shorter windows where the sill hits about half way between the floor and ceiling? I find this matter stumps me altogether. Sometimes it is easy to disguise with a sofa/headboard/furniture placement. Sometimes you can just use a valance or blind at the top like in a kitchen. But other times it stands out with no obvious solution such as on a dining room wall that will not allow a buffet, in a large bathroom or in a hallway. Can you/do you take the drapes to the floor and ignore the expanse of wall below? Do you use mid-length drapes (these remind me of my grandparents home)and can this be done stylishly? Help!

Unknown said...

Love the wall color and the rug! Hang in there. The holidays will be tough but You can do it! It will get better going forward! The firsts are tough but there is a light! Always remember you have friends and family who love and care about you!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

That rug really pulled it together. You are so good, Sherry. Hang it there!

TnRvaGRL said...

FIRST THINGS FIRST...You are NOT dragging us down. (I'm sure I'm speaking for all of us). We WANT to know how you are doing. Thanks for sharing with us. The holidays are going to be hard.. I'm so very sorry. We are all here for you for EVERYTHING life throws at you.
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this blog for us. I'm sure there are times you didn't want to post but you did. We appreciate.
THIS ROOM THO, Oh my GAHH!!! I love a good "Before and After!". It's so nice to see the Real Real. The reality is everyone has a room like this or did have at one time. You did an amazing job as usual.
You have so many AMAZING gifts. I want and need people like you in my life!!!!! THANKS for being here for us.. Can't wait to see what you do next. xoxo

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
My guest bedroom is painted navy & your making me want to make some changes.
Hang in there, girl. We’ve only got a few weeks left & then the holidays will be over.
Keep exercising & taking Cami for walks. It helps everything.

tanyaj said...

wow, such a beautiful new look! you're a genius

cindy hattersley design said...

As usual you worked your magic! Such a pretty transformation. Sherry you could never drag anyone down. We are all rooting for you because we love you and you are way too much fun to drag anyone down!

Janelle said...

Love this refresh you did - really nice. And to echo others' comments, please don't worry about bringing us down. You're going through a tough time and it would be heartless of us to only expect rainbows and sunshine. This is real life. Continue to hang in there!!

Louie said...

Beautiful as always. I didn't know what had happened but I read back and I have thought of you all day. You are such a strong person it is hard and you should share whatever you want. You have more people cheering you on than you know.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, as usual! You have so much 'positive' in your life... don't waste your energy on the negative!

Missy said...

It looks great, the rug made a huge difference! You are so loved Sherry; your posts have brightened many days for me. Keep doing you!

barbara said...

This is NIGHT AND DAY difference. Way to go
A miracle worker is what you are

The holidays can bring on so many emotions no matter what is going on in your life. I have been in your situation and feel your pain. You are well thought of by so many people
I continue to pray for you every day

Valerie Mulhearn said...

Would you happen to know the white/cream paint color that was used along with the Newburyport blue??? Been looking for a combo just like this!!!

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