I guess you figured out that I didn't post yesterday....can't fool you guys:)  I had to run out to a curtain install very early and I wasn't finished organizing all of these showhouse pictures.....soooooo I just ghosted.  

But.....I'm up early on a Saturday before I go teach my spin class so if you are around this weekend....definitely GO!

I have a huge treat for you today.....some gorgeous pictures of the Atlanta Holiday Home.  I was invited to Media Day where I proceeded to snap away but then they sent me some professional that is good for y'all!

This years house was a renovation [they are usually new builds] by Harrison Designs and I know I say this every year but I loved it!  It was set on a beautiful piece of property with privacy.

The kitchen was incredible.....check it out!

Chris Holt of Holt Interiors

Are you killing me?  Those ceilings.....I died.

Below the pantry by Shawn Amtower

Look at all of those dark walls....makes me plain giddy!

The mudroom was spectacular!  Enwright Design.  I would say don't bring any mud in 
here :) 

This space by Anna Braund Interiors was a knockout.  The ceiling was so high gloss it looked like glass!   The color of this room is F B Studio Green

This is the front Anna Louise Wolf.  So darn pretty!

The dining room by my friend Jena Salmon was delightful......

Beautiful master bedroom by James Wheeler Designs.

The master bath by Tish Mills was pretty incredible.  You felt like you were in a tree house!
Yes there were motorized blinds.

Snappy laundry room by Beth Kooby

Off the mudroom there was a tower designed by Jimmy Stanton.

Wall color is BM Dark Pewter.  Might be a new favorite.....

Lower level space by Maggie Griffin sponsored by Ballard designs. 

I have more pictures of this guest bedroom by McLaurin Interiors below which was a great mix of traditional and modern

The showhouse is open Thursday-Sunday.  Sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

Guess what?  I am headed to Boulder for Thanksgiving.  Very excited.  
AND.....I don't have a house to stage.....yup this trip is for pleasure.  
AND....I have a great house sitter to take care of Cami which really is a relief!

Things are pretty status quo around here.  We are headed into the holidays and I'm not gonna lie.....I've been struggling a little.  I am going to rely on my friends and family incredibly hard through these next few months.

If you don't hear from me next week....I might be sleeping which is something that hasn't come easy lately. 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my supportive readers.  You guys are a rare bunch:)



Sharon said...

Yes, the holidays will be different this year but I am glad you have friends and family to help. I loved this post and I miss you when you are busy but understand you have other things to do than blog. Take good care of yourself, Sherry. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mel said...

Beautiful home, thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy some much need down time in Boulder. You deserve it!

Hugs and Best of Thanksgiving wishes to you.

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. It's light and airy and warm and cozy all at once. The dining room reminds me of my first-decorating love of the Ethan Allen catalogue from my childhood. I love the greek key trim and the topiaries!

Take care of yourself throught the holudays!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry!

Patty M said...

THE HOUSE.....what a knock out!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Nothing better than to get out of town to clear the cob webs.

We'll all help you thru the holidays, but you have Cami! Dog love...the BEST!!

With cold weather and holidays, make yourself a Hot Toddy. It's a get night cap and will help you sleep....


tanyaj said...

headed to boulder too for the holidays.. see ya on pearl street
rest, restore, recharge.. come january everything will start fresh!

Gail Storti said...

That house is stunning and very chic! Beautiful architecture too! I’d love to go but it’s geographically impossible, so thank you for sharing so many photos of it.
May your time in Boulder be a time to relax, recharge and reflect on all the positive things in your life, Sherry. Your strength and the love of family and friends will get you through and on to better times in the new year.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing! I love your posts and love your honesty. I wish you peace, rest, joy and happiness. Your blog has brought joy to me and so many others that you deserve some of that feeling in your own life. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always are so enlightening and bring joy, be it the great information or your fun perspective on things. We are thankful for you, Sherry! Don't let these upcoming holidays bring sorrow. Out with the old traditions and in with the new! Wishing you peace and happiness.

Su-z said...

House is gorgeous. Love those green/blue walls!

Enjoy Boulder. Hope your weather is nice. A hike in Chautauqua would be lovely!

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

We're probably going to get 12" of snow on Monday night so be prepared! Hope you have a great flight and get to enjoy your time away!

laura davidson said...

your posts are always a highlight to read. i will say a prayer for you through the next season of holidays. you deserve better than this. find the joy. you are a gift to your readers and those who know you!

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for all these pics! Now I don't feel as bad for missing out on it last week. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. You deserve it! All he best, Michele

TMEC said...

How much is this Atlanta show house? Just curious

TMEC said...

How much is this Atlanta show house? Just curious

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