Well..... we made it to Friday.  I don't know about you but I hardly had a moment of down time.

I mean I did not have a chance to wash my hair one night when I was going out so I tried using a curling iron on it.  

News flash....dirty hair will not curl.  I love that I am still  learning at my age:)

On Monday I was at a  clients for the delivery of furniture that had been in storage for 2 years.  Uh huh.  They started a renovation after we ordered everything.  It is just now ready....well.....close.

Let's may remember this project. 

This is the real estate listing picture from 3-4 years ago

It's a really cool house from the 70's but it needed some TLC.

After they moved in we just threw some left over furniture in there that eventually got re-upholstered for the master bedroom.

They added a porch off the back and some pretty iron windows and doors. 

And by the way....that ceiling light is not staying...hahaha

Here is the original floor plan....

This is the sofa from Charles Stewart in a deep teal green.

The rug is from Lee Jofa.

The end tables from Charles Stewart.

This beautiful fabric....
On this Charles Stewart chair!

The coffee table is from Serena and Lily.

This chair from Bungalow 5.

Pretty trim on the bottom of the ottomans....

This art was the inspiration for all the fabric selections.  This Lee Industries bench with Duralee fabric.

The granite wall on this side was also replaced with french limestone and a new mantel.

The foyer before

The granite walls were replaced with french limestone as were the dark slate floors.....

So much landscaping and we had this beautiful concrete bench from Currey and Co delivered that day also.....

This is the side of the house now.....with a new entrance.

We still have a long way to go with all the things that make a room look special....pillows, lamps, curtains, accessories....etc.

I will keep you updated!

Bless her heart because she lived in the house through the renovation.

Whats up for your weekend?  I am helping Rose next week with an install so we may be doing a little shopping to prepare.  And of course giving my Cami girl some well deserved love.



p.jensen said...

I just love your blog, your style, your humor, your doggie and your shoes! thank you for your candor and hope you have a happy weekend

Gail Storti said...

So far, this renovation looks fabulous and very expensive! I love the color palette that you chose from that gorgeous painting. See, you can do color, but then you are a genius with your decorating wand! Glad you have your beautiful Cami girl to snuggle with and bring you joy as you travel through this difficult time.

Shirley said...

I enjoying seeing pictures of Cami, she is such a sweetie. Thank you for rescuing her.

Nancy N said...

Sending you so much love and prayers! Your work, your writing, your humor, your openness - all make us connect with you so much. Thank you for sharing with us.

Moorhan said...

Good morning, Sherry! Beautiful work! Could you give more information on that large scale painting? Also, do you know of an app or software that is easy to use for laying out floor plans OR mood boards? Thanks in advance!

Dian Owens said...

Beautiful, so far! Can hardly wait to see the new light fixtures! Love Cano, your lapful dog!

Dian Owens said...

Cami, not Cano.

Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA said...

You are healing -- you look terrific!!👊👍

barbara said...

Loved the stone in the entry way, so midmod. Sorry it had to go
Hope you enjoyed your time with Cami!

Karen said...

Can you please privide mw with information on the fabric used for the chair. Love the pattern and the teal colors.

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