So today I am helping Rose with an install....should be fun!  We will be doing instastories and then hopefully have a few good before and afters for you!

I have slowly been coming out of my fog of shock.  When I think of my situation compared to something I saw on Ellen of a newly married couple.....with the husband being diagnosed with ALS....I consider myself blessed.  I have my health and family so I will keep navigating through what life has to offer these days.....

Todays post is all about fashion!  I bought a pair of wide leg jeans the other day and have had fun putting some outfits together.

These jeans are very flattering and the perfect length for me [5' 8"]  I have paired them here with some cute boots that are very well priced.

Here is another way to wear these jeans....denim on denim.'s a thing now!  

I don't know if you remember when I blogged about this Lafayette 148 skirt.  It was a definite splurge for me.  I have worn it twice and plan on wearing it to an event next Thursday night.

I have paired it with a sweater and boots for a more casual look....and added that cute camo clutch just for fun!

Here is one more look.....I don't know about you but I wear black pants or jeans a lot when I want a little dressier look!  Although we are supposed to get a cold spell the next few days.... in general [until January and February] a sweater or cape will work at night.

It's the perfect time to go shopping because everything is already on sale:)  

Off to walk Cami and then head to the excited to see everything come together!



Anonymous said...

Good attitude!!! and that will carry you through. I am a long time follower of yours I am glad you are doing okay, Our oldest son went to prison many years ago and I had never even seen jail rocked our world anyway about that time I started watching Joel Osteen on tv and he said abut many circumstances pretty sure someone else has it worse and I always think about that like what you just said in your post today. He also said God will restore my family if I keep my faith so that was 15 years ago and now he is a husband and father and has a good job. I will always remember how Pastor Osteen helped me through something I thought would end me! Keep living Life Shaystaystong!!!!sincerely Karen Sunday

Mel said...

Great selection as always. I love your style and wish I had your height so I could pull off those wide leg jeans. I too saw that couple on Ellen - heartbreaking. Gratitude is the single best thing to carry you through these dark days and keep you from getting too low. Someone else is always fighting a much more difficult battle. Your devastation is real but I know you will get through this and be triumphant again. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

What happened Sherry????

Anonymous said...

You will survive and thrive. Not that your pain isn't real or that you don't deserve to have a good pity party, because you do. But if we look up and look around it helps us get back on track and renew our perspective. I recently was having a little boo hoo me and God showed me that I was being silly. I have 2 friends who have grown sons, 20 years old. One has battled cancer this past year and was clear. They went to their new beach house to celebrate, came home and the cancer is back. The other friend's son just found out yesterday that he has a huge brain tumor and is having surgery on Monday. BTW, he is also autistic. A few months ago I was driving with a group of ladies to celebrate a friends 50th at the beach. The conversation led to one of the ladies sharing that she was married before and that she was in her 2nd marriage. I said me too! Been there done that. They asked what happened. I said , "long story short, he was a bad boy attorney. You name it, he did it. Including my best friend in our bed!" I laughed and said "It sounds funny now!" We all laughed and it was proof that God had indeed healed my heart. I pray that He will heal yours too! Big Hug, Monica

Dian Owens said...

Beautiful outfits! Winter is my favorite season for fashion!

Anonymous said...

Love all your picks! You are the most interesting and talented person in the room, regardless of what you wear!

Anonymous said...

So glad to read you're coming out of your fog although you'll remain on an emotional roller-coaster for awhile. After 26 years, that should be normal.

That sequined skirt is a classic and you'll find many more appropriate occasions to enjoy it than you imagined when you had your first glimpse at it on the rack. The way I justify purchases like that is to pro-rate the wearings as time goes by and I soon forget the initial cost. We all need validation like that.
Wishing you nothing less than the very best.... b

Claire Cahill said...

Hang in there lovely lady! I have been following your blog for a long time, and you have always inspired me with your design abilities and style. So much so, that when my twins were 3 years old, I went back to school part-time to study Interior Design. I still have to complete my diploma, but have already finish my certificate. Although I still have probably around 2 years left! Eventually I will finish but in the meantime, I always have your posts to look forward to! I am all the way up in Vancouver, Canada otherwise I would be asking you to be my mentor too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, inspirations and work with us all.

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