It's been a busy week.  It sure did get hot here in the "ATL" again....back into the high 90"s.  If this is what hell feels like then I better change my tune and start being nicer.....right?

I started working on a few of the bathrooms for 2 building projects that are starting soon.

The first house has a California feel.....slightly modern.  

The master will have this "wood tile" used in a herringbone pattern on the floor with the small check on the shower floor.

Still need to pick vanity style, colors and faucets.

Then I headed over to Sudi's to help design some pillows....that was fun!  She is setting up at the mart this week.

She brought out this blue and white trim and we were off and running.  One of my favorite and navy!

Hope they sell or I'll be fired:)

Here are a few others that will be there....

On Wednesday I went over to help her get the booth ready....

Hope these 2 don't sell cause I want to add them to my "collection".

Cami took her last pill on Wednesday.....keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

I went over to ADAC looking for fabrics and saw these new stripes from Pindler & Pindler

And went through some new wallpapers from Schumacher.
Cute huh?

This got installed in a bath remodel....

How fun is this mirror from Crate and Barrel for 149.00?

I'm off to my Orange Theory workout....but I 'll leave you with this sweet face.....we've certainly had our moments but so much improvement for 7 weeks!

Hope you guys had a great sit back and enjoy the weekend!



therelishedroost said...

The pillows look wonderful and well I am smitten with that pooch!

Kathysue said...

Loving the bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of my favorite rooms to design and actually clean too, because they always look so sparkly when done. Love your baby's face and the blue and white striped pillows are great. Sudi will do very well I am sure.
Thanks for your stamp of approval in your comment on my blog post about some of my decisions for our new home. I sure am having fund dreaming and scheming!!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Love the wood design tile for the Master Bath. I'm liking this type of tile more and more. Eventually might add it to our "terrace/dining room floor.

Victoria said...

Love your selections for the bathrooms. Sufi has great pillows. Does she sell online? Some of us do not live in ATL.
Have a great weekend.

Victoria said...

Sorry about autocorrect, Sudi!

Packers94 said...

Not sure what is wrong with your baby just started following your blog and couldn't find post. I can tell you that our Addison was very very sick and Bob our vet for the last 20 yrs didn't think she would make it. Well 6 yrs later and I just finished chasing her down with a Kleenex in her mouth. They can be such a pain but they are so worth it. Love your posts and your style.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

You and your baby are darling! Design on!

Anonymous said...

Can you give a source for the square tile for the shower floor

Unknown said...

Yes, please - a source for the square tile for the shower floor!

Anonymous said...

Who makes the wood tile for bathroom? Is it porcelain? Luv!!!
Do u have a favorite Light gray paint color for a bathroom cabinet or wall?...
need your help...thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the source for floor and tile in this article. Been searching out but can't find. Thanks

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