Lord.....we all love a good design book.  If not just to read and look at the would we style without them?

I was cruising Amazon looking for things to buy this morning [checking out the sale today] and ran across a whole mess of books that are coming out in the fall.

Here are some I put in my cart for pre-order.

Love him.  He is not afraid.

This designing duo of Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller is new to me but after pursuing their website I am hooked!

Beautiful work.

No explanation necessary right?  Legend.

Timothy Whealon has a classic style which is right up my "design alley".

Duh....I'm gettin this one:)

And this one.  Emily Henderson is the bomb.  I love her quirky fun style.

I am eagerly awaiting this book from Lauren......below is one of my favorite rooms ever.

She has a very organic style which really appeals to me.

Who does color better than Anna???

This gallery wall....

Juliet Love is an Australian stylist and designer. 

And this one needs no explanation right?

So better go fill up your cart.

On another note I have some wallpaper for sale.  There was a little problem of ordering double rolls instead of singles.  Wonder whose fault that was:)

Anyway....I have 8 Euro rolls of this wallpaper left [they are double rolls 11 1/2 yards by 22" wide].  Unopened.  Retails for 176.00@roll.  I am selling for my cost of 700.00 plus shipping if you are not local.  Email me if you are interested.

Cole and Son's Cow Parsley

Have a great Wednesday!




Carrie said...

I'm just going to print this post for my xmas list this year. :)

Vel Criste said...

Lauren's style actually reminds me of yours too Sherry!

Katy said...

Hmmm... I wonder if my husband would let me buy your wallpaper. We're closing on our house in less than a month and our powder room needs paper!


cindy hattersley design said...

Glad to hear you make mistakes too!! Wow what a great roundup. I need to add about 3/4 of those to my wish list!! Timothy Whealon...yes!! Lauren Lies...Phoebe...and and and!! Thanks for getting me into more trouble!!

Pink Camellias said...

I am going to put all of these books on my list! I love anything by Bunny Williams, so that will probably be my first one. I have to get a book by Suzanne Kasler first, then I'll attack your recommendations!

Wonderful Life! said...

Love the new books....also, Thanks for the design over-ordering wallpaper support! I just had the same experience after asking the customer service rep to verify!! Yikes...14 extra rolls....

Ann C said...

Did anyone else notice the Carrier Mara pics, the second one to be exact. On the left, the bust that appears to have been hit with a pie in the face. Loved it.

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