Monday, September 5, 2011

Am I still a blogger????

Holy smokes people....I forgot my responsibilities.  Uh blogging.  Every time I get down here, it is like I have to put this whole place back together.  Can I just put this out here.....why do people think they need to re-arrange everything????  On second thought....I have done that a time or 2.  Whoops :)  But wait a minute...I am allowed because I know better than they do.  But so one has made it look better....only worse.

Unfortunately, it has not been too much of a problem because IT HAS RAINED EVERY DAY.

Do you hear the bitterness in my voice?  I mean I would still rather be here than home......I get it, I am not trying to wine.  Maybe a little.....I actually do not mind when it isn't sunny but when it rains sideways....that hurts.

Ok....rant is over.  The winner of the giveaway is Casey from Loft and Cottage!  You need to hop over there so you can see the cool headboard that she is could be a great DIY!!

Oh yeah...just in case anyone is is a picture of my new project.

I got two of these and had the decorative brass birds cut off.  Think I am going to gold leaf them and add mirrors.  Wonder how LONG this is going to take me....or where they are even going to go.  Do I need to know that before I start?

This is a picture of one with the birds on it.

The tips are black, which I don't like. 

I am trying to write this and my husband is watching a movie on DVD that he got in China.  Yes...I know it is bootleg.  But here is the deal.  It is such a bad quality...meaning that someone  filmed it in a theatre.  You can actually see the heads of people who get up to go to the bathroom.  And the is so loud I am about to go over and grab that remote and slap him upside the head with it.  Just kidding..... :)  Maybe.  I can't think right now, my ears are hurting.

Hope you guys are having a swell Labor Day.....
Think it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

Later taters....

Sheriky Freaky

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Renae Moore said... crack me up Sooo glad you took those hideous birds off that starburst! Those are killer! I'm on my way to NOLA tomorrow...let's catch up when I get back!

Erika said...

I think I just had a heart attack. These are not Jere sculptures are they? Please tell me they are knock offs that you knocked the birds off of.

Acquired Objects said...

Glad you sent those birdies south! Those thingys are way cool and will look great spray painted and with mirrors. Did you noticed the "spray painted" words? Really you can buy gold leaf spray paint just google it and this project won't take you very long. It's been pouring buckets in NH too and you sent your humidity this way...not pleased at all with the weather but otherwise the weekend was great!

Rene said...

Awe...congrats to Casey! Sherry, I can't wait to see where those birdless thingies end up. I'm sure they will look amazing.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Hey Sheriky Freaky!! You are too funny! Be nice to the hubby... Glad you took the birds off. They were annoying me...

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

I liked the birds! Why am I always on the other side of cool, dangit?

Also, that's exactly how we watched No Country for Old Men. And the people in the row in front of the camera were making out the whole time. Bootlegging is cool.

Karena said...

Too funny Sherry! You have a great project on your hands unless they are priceless Jere Sculptures; then you can just pull a prong off and stab yourself!!

Your husband is funny too watching great videos like those from china!!


Oh did you enter my Giveaway yet?

helen tilston said...

Hope that sideways rain ceases, we had some here this afternoon too.
Your project with mirrors will be fabulous, looking forward to seeing it completed.
Helen xx

Jessie said...

Looking forward to see your project when it's completed! Great find!

P/S: Come enter my newest giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from My Urban Child (BONUS: plus two other websites to choose from).


Taylor Greenwalt said...

Hows your husbands head? Pretty funny! Enjoy your blog.

eclecticrevisited said...

quit loafing off and get back to blogging..
cool new project you have going..can't wait to see it finished..

An Urban Cottage said...

I was thinking they were Jere too!

Those USED to be worth about $1000. Now? 25 cents.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I don't know nuthin about those jere sculptures but I like the mirror idea tons better. Carry on with it.

My Interior Life said...

Welcome back to bloggyland. I liked the sculptures but I think they're probably more practical as mirrors, and I didn't like the black tips either. It's doubtful they were C. Jere sculptures, at least I don't think they probably were. Please tell me you didn't find a signature post-mortem.

Love the bootlegged movie. Too funny.

Interior Design Musings said...

What a find on the bird thingie!! Love it now that you took them off and would NEVER have thought to take them off!! M.

lisaroyhandbags said...

These birdless thingies look interesting! Can't wait to see them all glammed up!
As for the sideways rain, I lived through 4 years of that in Ireland and believe me, I was one grumpy gal! Here's hoping for sunshine!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I often wonder if I'm the only one who laughs at the different ways you sign your blog posts.

Love the mid-century modern vibe that the finished mirrors will have. (Did I sound like a cool designer?)

What did you do with the brass birds? Would you let one fly to Delaware? What do you mean they don't fly? What do you mean they aren't real? Geez,'re harshing my mellow here.

TSL said...

About the rearranging thing, I am so daft I didn't get that, would you or someone 'splain that to me?

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I love the birds! These would make awesome mirrors.


casey at loft and cottage said...

Woo hoo! Can't believe I won!! Guess I'd better email you so I can get my goodies soon!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Hah- he must be real desperate if he's watching a bootleg that bad. Good luck finishing the project. I'm good at starting, but not so much at finishing.

Merav said...

Well, if you want to escape the super loud movie, there is a big sale at Redefined Home :-)

Lori said...

Love your new project! If you don't have a place for them I do, so keep me in mind!

My husband brings those crazy dvd's home from China too. The kid's movies are especially hilarious for some reason. My girls' will now say," Is that a China movie daddy?", because they know it will be impossible to watch. Yet, he still buys them?!

Hope it's sunny today. We cancelled our FL trip over the weekend. So sad, needed that last hoorah at the beach!

Have fun and see you next week!


Splendid Willow said...

Yes you are - AN UEBER BLOGGER! (:

Just got back from our own vacay and feel no blog regrets whatsover. It is important do unplug and just live (and decorate! (:).

I missed your lovely giveaway but I am glad the fabric found a great, new home. I love Casey!

Your powder room looks great. The black makes it pop.

I am quite curious to see what you will be doing with that brass starburst, I must say.

Warm hugs to happy you,


under spanish moss said...

As always you made us smile and giggle. Yes indeed, the birds had to go. We can't wait to see what you do with the sunburst. Sorry to hear about the rain.
Angela and Renee

Andrea said...

Found you at Cottage and Vine. I will most certainly be following your amazing blog. Your humor has me rolling! Can't wait to go back an check out your old posts. I have a feeling I'll be ignoring my kids a lot today!

Kate at Dream To Life said...
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Bean bag chairs said...

Very nice and creative idea. Since it is made of brass it is easy to clean as well.

Art Furniture said...

You can provide some butterfly design instead of the birds. That would look even more pretty.