So I had good intentions of posting about my trip to Nashville and the House Beautiful Showhouse but well....I didn't have time to edit the pictures.  I know lame excuse.

So dare I call this post "this and that" because just dumping a bunch of random thoughts and images  can't really be considered professional blogging can it?

On the other hand....I have a lot of projects in the works but it seems like they are all in weird places and not especially beefy enough for a whole post!

I have a bedroom and bath overhaul going on for my neighbor so this vanity got painted Sherwin Williams Black Fox and then wallpapered with a pretty Schumacher gem.



I love how rich the vanity looks now with this existing cool stone top.

In other news I finally got back to working out.  I just haven't had the energy but I know for my mental health this is key.  Even my eyelids are sore....haha.

Stopped off at a clients house and goodness....look at the darn ferns....have you ever?  

They are huge!

Do y'all remember my Madison project?  Well it's undergoing a renovation to add a guest wing and turn the old barn into a guest/bath/morning kitchen.

Way before....

After....and soon to have another after:)

This is the plan for one of the bathrooms....excited about the green floors!

Stopped by another project that is getting a major overhaul.  I love the style of this one!  It was built  in 1920 so while it's down to the studs now on the inside they are hoping to hang on the this southern California Spanish style. 

This cute top from Ann Taylor is one you might need to check out

It has a loose mock turtleneck which I love.  I can't stand anything tight around my neck...especially when half of my lower face hangs over it:)

I also did a quick cruise through Pottery Barn and spotted these awesome napkins!  If you have been around a while I think you know that PB usually goes all "deep rich colors" in the fall. You can pretty much bank on it.

Well I noticed that the whole place was full of neutrals! about that.  And now they have baskets....

PB is always on trend right?

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday at the OK Cafe and she put something in perspective for me....which I really hadn't thought of and that is:  many woman my age are without a spouse either through death or's kind of the norm.  It was like an aha moment for me.  I was so busy thinking selfishly about  Then I thought about my Mom who lost her husband at 63.  Was she devastated....yes but she still lived another 10 happy years. 

The OK Cafe has a take out section.....I have lived here 30 years and have eaten there so many did I not know that?

So it's "this and that" after all.  To all of you who have never commented before but have taken the time to reach out I am sending you lots of love.

I am confident in saying that love is the baseline for everything right?  And loving yourself is truly the key....but that is a whole can of worms.  Because.... deep down you have to truly understand yourself which definitely comes with age [but some of us are slow learners].  insert smile:)

You can imagine how much thought I have given to this in the last few weeks.  What does "loving yourself" actually mean?  Imma be reading up on this so I don't keep making mistakes associated with the next chapter of my life.

Look at me being all deep....who the heck am I?



Anonymous said...

Loving yourself means treating yourself, not blaming yourself and actually, maybe finally discovering yourself...because when you have a partner, a bit of you is always set aside for that person. You might decide it's nice to be by yourself for a while doing only things you enjoy, when you want and to come home to a house that is exactly as you left it.

Debbie Z.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on a Blog before. First I'd like to express my condolences on what you're going through with your husband. Several years ago my husband was diagnosed with Early on-set Alzheimer's. Prior to that he changed dramatically, his personality, values, judgement, everything about him was different. He was not the man I married. I was a wreck trying to understand what was going on and he blamed me for everything and everyone started to believe him. I would not be the least bit surprised if down the road he is diagnosed with dementia. I'm sorry you're going through this, but be grateful, since dementia is awful and I'm now spending 10K a month for his care.

Diana P said...

Just want you to know how sorry I am for your loss because it is a loss when a marriage ends. You will go through the stages of grief, but you will absolutely come out on the other side. I know because I've lived through it. That said, ending a relationship can be done with grace and honesty and you did not receive that. You have every right to be confused, angry, and stunned. You are so smart to surround yourself with those who love you and to continue to work, to have purpose, and to be you. Because you are a special person. I am moved by your willingness to share your sorrow with everyone because you will make a difference to others. You are also allowing us to give something back to you. After a decade of reading your blog, I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life, in my home, and therefore in the life of my entire family. Thank you for that. You don't know me but because of you, my house is a home, decorated because of the wisdom I've gained from your words and photos. Thank you. I appreciate you. You will be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...


Barbara Moore said...

I love every single post you write. Your decorating talent has no bounds. Your sense of humor cracks me up. You wear the most beautiful clothes. You are unflinchingly honest. You actually work out, instead of just talking about it like I do. I truly want you to love yourself. Why in the world would you not????? ❤️❤️

KSimel said...

I enjoyed all your posts. This and that works for me!

AnneHH said...

I am sitting home on a Saturday morning with a cold and a headache and 10 people coming for dinner TONIGHT! I am feeling sorry for myself and then I read your blog and, even in your sadness, you are cracking me up! I love you! I will get up out of my chair and start getting ready for tonight but I will carry with me your honesty, your warmth, your humor and your incredible talent. THANK YOU for being a fun and inspiring and regular part of my life for so long. The projects look amazing and I can't wait to follow along. Thanks SO MUCH for posting today!! This and That is always a pleasure to read!!!!!!!!!! Sending so much love!

cindy hattersley design said...

I love your this and that posts. Well I like all your posts! Part of your nest chapter...come visit Mary Ann and Cindy for a nice vacation. Love what you are doing in your latest reno...always fabulous!

debra @ 5th and state said...

you've got this!

I was at hairdresser today and she told me about her 76 year old friend who divorced her husband last year after a miserable marriage...I know, not you...but, she has since found the love of her life & is deliriously happy. oh here is the punchline. after she left him, he went to go live with his boyfriend, ya never know!

ps; the bath vanity is now the bomb!

Dian Owens said...

My husband decided he no longer wanted to be married after he had a serious illness. My young heart was broken. I'm your age now and being happy is still so important. Becoming at peace with my singleness was such a blessing for me. Sherry, that is my prayer for you, too. Be at peace, and be happy! You are loved by Cami, your family and friends. You are so talented and admired by your clients, contemporaries and followers. Your humor and honesty is so refreshing. (You are my favorite blogger, hands down!) Take care of yourself and keep moving forward with your best self! We are here on the sidelines, cheering you on!

Carol S. said...

Loving yourself...yes I’m working on that too! Funny cause I’m liked by many, loved by lots too, am confident and accomplished too. But...lost my spouse of 30 yrs 2 yrs ago, engaged and happy again...but still looking to others for affirmation and appreciation. Been reading lots about LOVE YOURSELF AND ALL ELSE WILL FOLLOW. Huh, thought I was doing that. Maybe focus on it more and more. Self care. Fitness. Spiritual has slipped. Talking out loud here. It’s not a clear path for any of us but I’m grateful each day my feet hit the floor. Hope u are too. You’re so fun to “know.”

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