Well the hits just keep on coming.....I'm sick.  Again.  Third time this year.  Geez....

But goes on and I can't let it get me down.  Moving forward right?

So while everyone is posting fall decor and pumpkins....I'm going to do an outdoor post.

Yeah I need to pay more attention to "blogging rules" :)

Now that my sister's LR, DR, and office look so good due to the spring ORC....she wanted to spruce up her screened in porch.

We started with paint. was time to go dark.  BM Iron Mountain

Loving.  Not keeping the table but that iron bar cart will stay with some pretty styling!

So furniture....I am using my friends outdoor furniture company because I am nothing if not supportive:)

Let's start with a quickly put together floor plan.

A sectional will give me the most comfy seating and let me add a dining area.

I picked the Hampton Sectional but adding 1 extra chair to it to get the size I need.

I really like the color of it against the dark walls....

I went to town on Overstock looking for pillows and rugs! 

I will need some extra lighting but I love the rattan sconces to hang on the dark walls as you walk in from the office!  Unfortunately NOT from Overstock....grrrrrrr.

I found the outdoor dining furniture on CB2.  If you look back to the painting pictures you will see that the ceiling fan needs replacing and it needs to go above the rafters because it is way too low!

How about some pretty table decor.  The plates are perfect for outdoors. All from Crate and Barrel.

I haven't selected a coffee table yet but I might push the easy button and use the one that goes with the sectional just because why make it harder right?

I'll keep you posted on how it's going.  Hopefully everything gets ordered this week!

Today I am driving down to Madison, Ga to check on the renovation progress and make sure everything I picked out will work! 

Busy times.

Thanks for reading y'all....




AnneHH said...

Hope you feel better very soon! The porch is revelation! The dark paint is so dramatic. I can't wait to see it finished with the furniture selections you have made. All so beautiful. xo

Regina said...

Love! The dark paint is a surprise for a porch, but it is perfection!

Alaina Moeller said...

Hope you feel better. Wow, I am suprised by the dark color but I am looking forward to your final look. I love the sconces, but the price is crazy. Could you DIY a real close look using a shade, rope and wall hook.

Gail Storti said...

Oh rats, not another cold! Please take care and get some rest. I know that stress likes to attack my immune system so I hope you feel better soon.
LOVE the dark walls and furniture selection for your sisters screened in porch. It’s going to be fabulous!

Kristen - K2 Interior Designs said...

Looks great - love the dark paint! Unrelated question.....what software do you use for floorplans?? I'm looking for something that's hopefully intuitive and easy to learn 😀


Nina J said...

Everything you touch turns magical! Let me know when you’re ready for a little tropical vaca. I sure could use your help with the outside patio here! A little sand, surf and aloha sunshine will help you feel better in no time. I have a cute guest bedroom and separate sitting area all set up for you. Just pack your bag and let me know when to pick you up at the airport 😁

Su-z said...

Love that dark paint! And am tired of all the fall decorating posts, so this is refreshing. Hope you feel better soon.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry take care. Glad you are staying busy. Thinking of you every day. This looks gorgeous and I love everything you picked. I am just redoing my yard space too and I will look at Overstock too- a good time of year to get outdoor things at a deal. Love the Crate & Barrel things as well. Hope you have a good week. Hugs, Kim

Bridget said...

So sorry to hear you are not well. Feel better soon! I think your sister is just one of the luckiest girls. I wish I had a sister who would redecorate for me. I love what you're doing with the space!

Patty M said...

Dark and Delicious!! The room is going to be fabulous!!!

Your Cheerleaders are still here.... can you hear us cheering you on!! You're so busy....the best kind of mental medicine!!

Take Care. Great post!! Can't wait to see the finale!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly there's no cure for the common cold but hope you're well soon. I meant to comment on your previous "This and That" post about your friend's fern. That's so easy to grow and hope she'll give you a shovel-full soon. If you can get those roots in the ground before frost, you'll be off to a good start by Springtime and she won't even miss what she gave you. My garden is filled with "pass-along-plants' and think of each generous friend who shared.
I've always known I wanted a sister and so happy you have yours.

rachelellenalex said...

This is so fantastic! I LOVE the dark walls. And this is much better than a fall decorating post. Everyone doing the same content at the same time is getting a bit old. So thanks for being unique in blog land!

Hope you feel better quickly!

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