I promise this is mas.....the last of the Boulder Flip!  Maybe there are a few blades of grass I haven't expanded on.....but seriously I have dragged this out long enough:)

The master bedroom, bath, a guest room and hall bath.

Master before

The door to the right of the chest is to the smallish master bath.  We changed the bed to face the chest to allow for bedside tables...... 

New doors and windows...painted the walls White Dove.  White oak floors.

Broke into a small bedroom to create a large master closet.

Picked up this inexpensive art at Ikea!  Chair from Pier One [major sale] and small table from Homegoods.

Here is the closet....we wallpapered the ceiling in a pretty Schumacher paper

Before of the master bath

Yes it's small but there is a nice window in there letting in so much light!

This is how it looked when I left...not quite finished.

Grey penny tile mixed with a Carrara hex tile

The finished product!

We had very little left to stage the guest room....

There are actually 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on the upper level.

Here is the hall bathroom before

How it looked when I left....

Love the tile floors. The vanity was ordered online...

The mirrors that I found At Home.

And all finished!

This was my view when I left Boulder early that morning....I am sure I will remember that day as a pivotal point in my life....a different chapter.

Life is moving along for you all suggested I am leaning on my friends and family for support. 

I have had moments of happiness at an event or with friends and then it will hit me and all I want to do is stay home with Cami.  She is not used to being alone so much [my husband was retired so he was home most days] and I feel major guilt when I leave her:(

Everyday is a new normal.....

When I need comfort I turn to re-reading the incredible and supportive comments from all of you.





Christy Spearman said...

We are all rooting for you, Sherry. Hoping today is filled with peace and light. God's Peace to you!

Dana said...

I've read your blog for many years. Obviously we don't know each other personally but what I've gathered from years of reading is that you're a force to be reckoned with! That characteristic will serve you well in this really crappy season of life. Thank God it's just a season, right? You are strong and you can do this, one day at a time.

Charlotte said...

Hang in there, Girl. You will hate his guts one day and when you get to that point you will feel so much better. You got this!!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to write about how much I've liked the change you've accomplished in the Boulder house. First rate for sure.

On the difficult time you're going through now I hope you realize that there are legions of us who support you and and wish for the best for you. I keep thinking how hurtful and cowardly you were dealt this hand. You're a wonderful woman and please never forget that.

Unknown said...

Is it weird that I think of you often and hope you're having a good day? Well, I do. Of course we have never met but I'm sure we would be fast friends. I've been through divorce and it ain't for the meek. My ex cheated with my best friend so it was a double whammy to be betrayed and lose them both. Here's what I know....
-forgiveness is a gift you give yourself
-you are way stronger than you know
-it's ok to of love someone is isn't perfect, isn't that what God does for us?
-mourn the loss of the marriage and move on,it was something sacred and unique to you and your husband
-DO NOT let this time of hurt define you and your outlook
-treat yourself as you would treat a dear friend who is hurting
-one day you will wake up and your heart won't be so heavy with hurt, I PROMISE!!
-I'm praying God helps heal your broken heart

Big Hug, Monica

Deborah said...

Your great style and sense of humor have made me look forward to reading your blog for years! What a blessing it is to have your sisters and family and your family supporting you! You are in my prayers and l am praying for you to have the peace that surpasses understanding surrounding you! After all is said and done l truly believe that we are all “just walking each other Home”
Chin up buttercup, there will be better days ahead!!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

You've been in my thoughts. Hang in there Sherry. So glad you have your sisters. Be kind to yourself and if you need to take time and do nothing that's okay too. You have to believe you will get through this stronger and even better. Living well is the best revenge. Hugs to you, Kim

Anonymous said...

To my dear friend of many years:
If anyone can get through this... it’s you.
My money is on you- get some therapy, continue to lean on friends and family, and know that God is walking with you on this journey.
Lean on your faith!
All my love, Mimi

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I wish there was a "Boulder Part 7, 8,9 and 10."

It uplifts ME, too, to read all the love for you in readers' comments. It is probably is hard to leave Cami. But Chief actually likes to sleep (dogs need sleep) during the day and I have a dog walker come when I'm gone several hours.

Take care, Sherry!

Judith said...

I feel compelled to say something in response to the person suggesting that when you hate his guts, you will feel "so much better." Sorry, but this simply is not true. Hating someone only hurts you, not the hated. I also don't think it's productive for commenters to trash your husband (not today, but in other comments.) All of that weighs YOU down. I said it before, but it warrants saying again - take the high road, Sherry. You will then look back and feel proud of the way you handled it. I know that of which I speak. Take plenty of time to decide how you feel about all of this, and take good care of yourself in the meanwhile. I guarantee that you will be the better person for it.

Patty M said...

We love each and every blog you post, thank you for that. And to hear a bit of humor in your blog tickles our hearts to know you can find that in yourself at this moment.

Each day is a new day, for you, with a plethora of emotions. It comforts us who are not in touching distance to know you have loving sisters and friends to hold you up. Always remember you have a large cachet of friends out here, who wish you strength, comfort, and love.

I agree with Judith, "take the high road"... Michelle Obama chants the same mantra...."When they go low, we go high "

* Cami....does she have a doggy daycare/boarding she goes to?? Could she spend a day here or there to romp and be with people and other doggos??

Take Care Sherry! We are here for you!!

karen said...

Beautiful SherrY, Every bit is great!

Barbara Moore said...

Screaming through my brain the whole time I look at your work: TALENT, TALENT, TALENT. Truly. You're amazing. I've never seen anything you've done without the screaming. Right now I hope your only goal is to love yourself. You is kind. You is smart. Any you is beautiful.
Your No. 1 fan,

Denise said...

Don’t give a flying fig about decorating! YOU are my main thought/concern! WE are behind and support YOU! Would love to give you a hug in real time!

Anonymous said...

Who needs a husband when you have Cami who loves you unconditionally and thinks you're the greatest thing to walk the Earth. Your faithful followers think so, too:)

Barb said...

You will come out the other side stronger but your husband has to live with the shame of bring a total coward. Time wounds all heels.

Jeanne said...

Love your design sense. Love your spirit. You will overcome this.

AnneHH said...

Love the transformation!! Your work is gorgeous!! Would love to see MORE pics every time!! So glad to hear you sounding strong and feeling supported locally as well as finding comfort and strength from this group. We totally have your back, front and sides!!! xo

Jackie said...

I love your blog and everything you design..hurting for you in your loss and hope each day you are stronger!

Gail Storti said...

Ditto what all the comments have said. You are such a bright light to all of us who follow you. Though most of us don’t know you personally, because of the joy you’ve brought us and that you shared such a very hurtful time in your life, we feel we know you. Im glad all of the love and support you’ve gotten from your followers has brought you comfort. Brighter days are in the near future.

And I too wish there was a Boulder part 7, 8, 9 and so on. I love seeing the wonderful things you do to bring life back to outdated homes.

Big hug.

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