Thanks for weighing in on the bathroom reno.  I agree it is not a bad bathroom....we have all seen worse for sure.  A bit of styling and it would look like a different space.

But....he has just moved in and wants to change it so it is up to me to give him options:)

That said....I think he is liking the last one!  Which I'm down with.

Anyway....I went to the Serenbe Showhouse last weekend with a few friends.  It was a much needed day out and there is nothing I like more than strolling through a well designed home.  If you have been reading Design Indulgence for any length of time then I know you will agree with me! the entrance to this house....for real!

My friend Michelle from Michele Gratch Interiors did the laundry room, mudroom and powder good.

That black and white Thibaut wallpaper.

The mudroom right off the powder....

Um there are no words necessary for the kitchen....#black and white

Designed by A. Wooten Interiors

Directly across from the kitchen is the dining area...more black and white!

I always love a pretty light fixture that reflects the light on the ceiling....Circa Lighting

Here is the master bedroom designed by Kim Regas

Love this little couch at the foot of the bed....

And master pretty

I have used this Thibaut wallpaper before and it is a favorite....

Coming out of the bedroom was this really pretty gallery wall....

The living room was designed by Means + Carney

Again....another room designed just for me...haha.

And then the can tell I was all in with this showhouse right?

Let's go upstairs to see 2 more bedrooms.

This loft space was designed by Virginia Cheek Designs.  Love the black and white  wallpaper on the ceiling [Zak and Fox]

There were twin beds in this room....designed by Kenson Interiors

And lookey description necessary.... more black and Coley Cuttino Interiors.

More black and white.....Geez....I'm SO in with all of this....

This was definitely a good showhouse....very cohesive with the colors but if course I am prejudice so you can't really go by that:)

I am rushing to get this out as I have been in Nashville for 48 hours.  More on that later.





Anonymous said...

These photos made my day! Drool worthy, all of it! I'll move right in, thank you very much.

patty M said...

Think I just lost part of my heart to this house!! Each and very space...gorgeous!! Thank You for Posting!!

You're keeping busy....yeah!! Onward and foot in front of the other. We're still all here, cheering you on!!

Gail Storti said...

Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful! I’m mad for every single thing in this house and want to move right in. Props to the designers for making it all so cohesive, they did a gorgeous job!

Dian Owens said...

Loved everything about this house!

AnneHH said...

Really been dying to get to this showhouse and couldn't make it work from DC. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all of your photos. I feel like I did get a chance to be inspired by this beautiful home through your post. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and glad to hear you have a lot going on. xo

debra @ 5th and state said...

gobsmacked! I just bought those living room lamps for myself....VC, love. think my fav space was the loft, with that ceiling...smashing

cheering you on luv

Kim said...

Loved this house! Any idea where the dining table and chairs are from?
Rooting for you from Maryland.....

cindy hattersley design said...

I always love seeing this showhouse and this one did not disappoint. The bookshelves look Sherry Hart influenced. Loved them! That twin bedroom was wonderful.

onnery said...

Although I usually like a bit more color, I could actually live with this place! I love the wallpaper in the laundry room. There is plenty of texture and interest here. Thank you for sharing.

Beth said...

Love this WHOLE HOUSE!! I could pin it all, and in fact, maybe I will! So much texture to love. Great cohesive neutrals, but not boring at all-- so warm. Love it. The only thing... every. single. surface. is just SO CLUTTERED!! Yikes on the styling! I like everything they've used, but give a couple surfaces a rest already. Also, Sherry, love YOUR style and I'm so sorry to hear about things that have happened. I'm rooting for you and know you have a bright future ahead.

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