You know what we haven't done in a while?  A 'this and that" post where I basically just dump some "instagram post and stories on the blog.  I realize that many of you aren't on Instagram but if you are and have already seen them...well then just shut this post down and go pluck your eyebrows or something.

Starting with Matthew Quinns book signing at Michael Ladisics home a week after I returned from Boulder.  I spent 2 days there re-styling everything and doing flowers....not sure how I got through that.

Book one is on the bottom of this stack and the new book is on top!  It's gorgeous and definitely worth every can order here

When I win the lottery.....I will hire him and then just be surprised.  #trust

Some styling shots....

This is a picture of the scullery...

And we added this Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper on the ceiling the day of the party.


Added these Lee Industries stools tucked under the table for extra seating.

I wore my sparkly skirt from Lafayette148 New York that I splurged on...

Remember I showed it on Instastories?

Wish I could afford the sweater:(

I was invited to a dinner sponsored by The Shade Store which was held at one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants Cape Dutch.

I wore the skirt again because's price per wear right?

The fall ORC started.....and I am excited to follow along with all of the talented group....but especially my good friend Erika Ward!

I am also working on a new project for Ladisic Fine Homes.....this one is for sale people and it's gonna be epic!

Bedroom ceiling

Had a photoshoot with the talented Rustic White Interiors for a project that will be featured in Atlanta Home Magazine' winter issue....pretty excited about that:)

There is no shot he can't get!

I had dinner with some good friends and he took this book and highlighted all the pages that he thought would help me.  People have been extremely kind to me in every way.

And....a guest bedroom is getting this plan which I am extremely excited about!  The Schumacher wallpaper is getting installed today!

Can you believe this is a picture of my very first sheepie!  It was probably 1980!  It is the only one I have gotten as a puppy....all the others [4] I have rescued.  I really was a brunette....haha

And....this little 400,000 car.  Ferrari used Michael Ladisic's house to debut their new car.  I sat in it and felt like a bada**

I am excited to be included in this lineup.....

And friend Andrea Costa was diagnosed with Stage one breast cancer so we took her out and showed her some love.

So there you have it....moving forward and trying to stay busy.

Much love to all of you and Happy Friday!



barbara said...

Love these random posts!
Still praying for you Sherrry
You shine at the event on Sunday!

Anonymous said... were a brunette? Where have I been? You look great in that skirt. Do your thang. Love these kinds of posts.

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt! Wow you look cute!
So did this clown leave you for someone else? Cuz boy was that stupid, if so.
I have an idea! Decide to date in January (if not before). Just get right back on
that horse!!!

Gail Storti said...

Always love your “This and That” posts. So let me say...I want both of those books, want your fabulous skirt which you look gorgeous in, want someone to do a “One Room Challenge” in my house, when I win the lottery I want to buy that Ladisic home, I want all those fabrics for my family room, I want that beautiful brunette with that adorable pup to be healed and happy, I want that red Ferrari (not really), I want to come to the Breakout Design Exciting Panel Discussion, and most of all, I want them to find a cure for all types of breast cancer.

cindy hattersley design said...

Always love hearing what you are up to!! I agree with all of what Gail said so well above!!

Ann said...

Hi Shery, I'm a longtime - if sporadic reader. I was checking in today to catch up and scrolled down to eventually read what you had been referring to. My heart goes out to you. What a devastating blow after 26 years. I know everyone has advice to help you in your pain, but may I suggest the Grief Rcovery program? The thing I like about it, is that it deals with all loss - not just death - and divorce is specifically mentioned. It saved my life when my younger brother died. I had been able to grieve in a healthy way the loss of both my parents as well as my in laws who I was very close to. But my brother's death sent me into a 6 month downward spiral that I could not crawl out of (for a variety of issues/reasons). This course helped me examine why I was having trouble getting past it and opened my eyes to the many things in life we just try to push through. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not. If you get stuck, just google the Grief Recoery program . I'm praying for you.

Dian Owens said...

I love you're "This 'n That" post and that geometric wallpaper is fabulous! You are truly blessed to have such caring family and friends to love on you!

Linda Mac said...

As the architect for that beautiful curved stair in the new house Michael has under construction we wanted to chime in! The sculptural effect of the stair was meant to be a counterpoint to the rectilinear design of the foyer. We at Linda MacArthur, Architect are so happy to be a part of this team that includes Ladisic Fine Homes, Sherry Hart Design, and Design Galleria. We have another new project on the horizon as well!!! #lmarchitect

Samantha said...

Can I ask the article name of the PJ wallpaper?


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