I don't know about you [and of course there were no kids around mi casa] but I had 2 relaxing days on the 24th and the 25th.  You will be happy to know that I did get my wreath up....stop snickering....those of you that decorated like Southern Living was coming for a photoshoot.

There is no need to be smug.

It gave me a moment to catch up on a few things and one of them was Fall 2018 One Room Challenge....which was happening during my House Beautiful I was a little preoccupied!

Every year Linda puts together 20 designers who work their butts off [I know from experience] to finish up a room in 6 weeks.  This fall was no exception as they certainly brought their A-Game.

I am going to share my favorites with you.  Now the word favorite will mean a lot of things.  It could be that they were clever....or I appreciated the fact that they definitely stepped outside the box and took a leap.  It also doesn't mean that anyone did a bad job but just that there were MY personal favorites.....


Erin Kestenbaum bedroom was high on my list.  I loved the classic modern look of her space.  I also love the color of the trim with the wallpaper.....I might have painted everything white which would have been a huge mistake!  And if you like this then head over and check out what she did to her closet!  100% perfection.


Just a small corner of the transformation that came from Mimosa Lane.....I was wowed by all the hard work and detail that made this space shine!  This playroom also has a huge sectional and bar area and is not to be missed!


Shavonda from SG Style tackled a bathroom and I am always amazed when there is major construction involved with the ORC!  I mean so many things can go wrong:)  Never fear because she took this basic builder bath to spectacular and I was super impressed!


This room by Vestige Home really appealed to my love of a curated space.  Nicole and her husband completed this master bedroom and I have to say it's pretty fabulous!  I love the walls which were treated with a lime wash....

Of course what's not to love about this bathroom designed by House of Brinson.  I met William and Susan a couple of weeks ago at a party here in Atlanta and I am in awe of their talent.  This space has such an "old world" look....but classic fixtures that will definitely stand the test of time!

Like I said there was something for everyone and this "California Style" space appealed to my neutral loving soul!  Bre from Brepurposed does her creative magic in Ohio and you really have to see her before pictures to appreciate how far these spaces came! 


Michelle Gage is a Philadelphia designer who is new to me......but I love this fun whimsical dining room she pulled together!  I think she had me at the Cole and Sons wallpaper which made the whole space come alive.


Jennifer and Joanna of J&J Design stuck with "pops of color" in their space....You have to go check out how gorgeous the doors are...and how about these hardwood floors!


Fresh off doing my House Beautiful project where I had to reach deep and use color....this designer is the "color queen".....I'm sure it comes easy for her:)  Holly Phillips from The English Room probably does color in her sleep....


I bet you are amazed I threw these few rooms with so much color in them....:)  Old Brand New gave real personality to this guest house space.  Yes there is color but the all white walls ground the space.

Sita Montgomery turned a under used dining room into a den.  I love how she trimmed out the dark wall.   There was a lot of color in the room but again the white walls give the eye some rest!

OK...I need to know your favorite.
I had a IPL laser treatment on my face on Wednesday.  That hurt like hell.  No.....really I was not prepared.  But....hopefully this will eliminate some of my sun spots.  I don't know....just trying to hang on here and keep from having a face lift....hahaha.   Gets harder every year:)

Leaving for the beach on Sunday. Oh yeah and I finished season 2 of Mrs. Maisel which is depressing as now I have a year until I can see what the crew is up to that show.

We started an old HBO show that I never watched call The Wire.  5 seasons and we are almost finished.  I love it and of course it is set in Baltimore and I am from Annapolis.....



Anonymous said...

Definitely #1. That is totally my palate, gotta have the blue and white and then throw in some animal print.

Anonymous said...

I had same laser treatment on my face and hands. My dear SIL assured me it was a breeze.
It hurt like hell and I mean pain!! Who knew.
End result was worth it.... I guess.

cramer3 said...

Keep us posted on ultimate laser results. Contemplating. Also #1! Must have huge rug under bed! Trim color - you are so right. Also Shavonda’s bath.

Jd said...

Well, I was all in, and then you brought up Irdis! Oh my god. The sexiest man 2018!! The Wire was good. Seeing him made it memorable. He would be wonderful as James Bond. Denise

Anonymous said...

Number 5 and Number 8. Loved them both.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, try a good quality vitamin C serum for your age spots; it works. I have had a couple of laser treatments on two spots and was not impressed. I have used the Vitamin C serum for several years on a daily basis and my spots are almost gone. Chemical peels seem help as well, but I can't manage the downtime. Of course, you must now wear sunscreen!

Unknown said...

Lasers are hell but they do work and they do hurt!The first one usually gives the most dramatic improvement. But if you go out in the sun...all that pain was in vain. Spots come back lickety split fast. I'm a believer but I hate them. I hate all the beauty shit. Fillers are great but I bruise like Ive been in gang fight. Botox easy but one eye droops then they fix that blah blah blah. What I'm really wanting is a neck lift which is really a lower facelift. I can handle a few wrinkles but jowls are only cute on bulldogs!

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