Well here we are....a few days before Christmas and I am making the effort to change out my pillows instead of putting up Christmas decor.  

Priorities people:)

I've had these covers forever and I was just feeling frisky yesterday.  I should have used that energy to put up my wreath....I'll get to it!

I can tell you it was a busy week of furniture delivery and mini installs.

This great Bernhardt table was delivered along with the Bungalow 5 chairs danish white chairs!

The seats will be covered in this Thibaut fabric that is being backed and waterproofed!  The rug is also performance!

My friends had a Secret Santa party and they just moved in their new house....
Check out this situation....there is not much I like better than a window inside of the house.

They are also not afraid of color....
We played this game....

So can find it on Amazon.

If you live in Atlanta you have probably heard of Pollen Flowers and Goods.  I was in there the other day and just didn't want to leave!

You know I wanted that black and white stool!

Yes....I did get some wrapping done and I practice what I preach using Targets black box with black velvet ribbon!

And it was a Christmas Miracle because I finally emptied out my Pinewood Forest showhouse....3 months later.

I always spend time going to vintage shops when I looking for the perfect thing for a client..... and last week between installs....I was out and about.

Two awesome chairs....worlds apart right!

Palm Beach style....

These cute little risers are everything!

I wracked my brain thinking of a place for this cute little rug.....

And of course you know I loved this black and white bench!

I'm gonna leave you with this incredible tree decorated by my friend Jennifer Schoenberger who can rock some Christmas decor!

And if I don't say it enough.....thank you for reading....In February I will enter my 9th year of blogging.  How the heck have I stuck with this for so long....who am I?

Have the biggest fattest Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday you can muster up.



Kathryn said...

Love, love your blog. Please never stop.
Kathy from the Midwest.......

Susan Tucker said...

Merry Chrismas, Never, ever stop blogging. Do you mind sharing your Vintage shops? One of my favorite passtimes!! Beautiful post as always!!! Its going to be warm-ish at the Beach this year!!!!

Susan Tucker said...

Wish I knew how to "Edit" a comment. I need a new pair of glasses.

AnneHH said...

Love your blog! ALWAYS read every post but don't really comment. Just want to take this minute to say thank you for a great year of content and beauty. Will echo the others before me. PLEASE never stop blogging. You are a hoot, a pleasure, an inspiration and an online friend.

onnery said...

Shmerry, thank you for your inspiration through these wonderful posts. I enjoy every one. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright. Enjoy!

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