I can't tell you what an incredible weekend it was....I just kept looking around thinking how did I get here?  Friday night was the opening party for the House Beautiful concept house here in Atlanta!

You guys know it all started back in February with my trip to Hearst in NYC with Ladisic and team.  Somehow I found myself designing a home for House Beautiful.....yeah....totally insane. much happened since that moment.  I went to Highpoint in the spring and was invited to a special intimate dinner that Sophie Donelson [editor of HB] has hosted for a few years.....again looking around the table and thinking....who am I?

I started putting together plans and they kept asking for more got to the point where I didn't know there was THAT much color.....I guess I had been sleeping in a cave.

So....without running my mouth until your eyes bleed I'll just show some more images!

How we arrived at the master bedroom plan.....

The beginning....when I was naive:)

This is what I started with and I am sure when they received these fabrics....they all had a good laugh at my "use of color" right....haha.

Below you can see I was starting to get the message....

Then there was this one but a few things were unavailable.

Then we were here....yes I just wanted you to see how this process went:)

You know House Beautiful is known for their layering of pattern also.....

A far cry from my first plan which I considered colorful!

After the Thibaut wallpaper went up.
It's a huge room full of light and I have to tell you the wallpaper really warmed up the space.  I had my doubts.....

You can see there is a small foyer/entry which had to be addressed also.

One of my favorite Circa Lighting fixtures [they were the lighting sponsor] for the bedroom entry.

The bench was from Ballard Designs.

I definitely felt like we were headed to the home stretch when all the lighting started going up....

I started with the Lee Industries sofa here..

Of course we ended up with the Gabby chest from Perigold in this space eventually.

Stacy Milburn custom mirror, art from Atlanta Artist Collective, vase from Century Furniture at ADAC. more time so you don't have to scroll back a post.

Where everything ended up!
A few shots of the master bathroom designed by Matthew Quinn!

My friend Blayne Macualey art in the background!

So pretty!

Here is a shot of the master closet by California Closets....

Well I've done 2 post on the master bedroom so we can move forward now!

Today I have 2 events and then one more on Thursday evening.  After that....back to.... you know....everyday mundane life.



gapeach said...

Wow! Looks so beautiful! Who makes the rug/carpet in the sitting area? Love everything. What do you think about an open concept main floor? Do you still prefer to use neutrals or color in those scenarios?

Anonymous said...

You’ve come a long way baby! Congratulations on being recognized for the FABULOUS designer that you ARE 👍😘

debra @ 5th and state said...

Dear Shafamous, you rocked it!

looks like you can do anything, neutral, color, bookcases....... congrats!

Anonymous said...

I’ve always loved those colorful rooms in House Beautiful, but I would have loved to have seen your original design come to fruition. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty much a neutral lover, but you knocked it out of the park on this one. Can you give a source for the runner in front of the sinks? It is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I think your original design, pic 1, was fabulous. But, magazines want to see certain types of design (bold color for example) just for the sake of changing everything out and so they look relevant and trend-setting. We all KNOW that, for most of us, we will be sick of all that pattern soon and have to pay once again to put something tolerable in the room.

I can remember when design magazines such as HB, House and Garden, Architectural Digest, etc., etc. were widely read. Now I am not sure if even the library subscribes.

Chelsea Van Egtern said...

Please tell me where the light fixture from your first design is from!! :-) Many congratulations on this accomplishment! I love how your room turned out.

Anonymous said...

It's just beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself. Stretching your limit is not always easy but you did it and its magnificent.

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