Thanks for all the sweet comments on my "before and after".....there were a few questions so I am going to try and plow through them before I get to my vacation review!

My nephew [on the right] and his partner at the opening of their Tap Room.  Antigua Cerveza Brewery

#1 First up: "what is cut yardage"?  Well it's when you order carpet off the roll [what you would use for wall to wall] and have it surged for an area rug.  You might not know this but most carpet is sold in 12 foot rolls.  If I needed a 10 X 12 then I would buy 10 ft of carpet.  But....if you needed an 8 X 10 then you have to buy the 12 ft [the width of the carpet roll] along with 8 ft.  You will then have a 2 X 8 ft strip leftover.  Which you can also us as a runner somewhere!

I know....way too much math in the morning! So why buy "cut yardage"?  Well I can get a reasonable priced piece of carpet [especially if I need an awkward size] instead of being locked in to standard size rugs. 

#2 Second question was where did I get the bedside chest.
Of course I ordered it from a wholesale vendor but you can find it here

#3 Next question....the pillow on the bench was from HomeGoods!

#4 The art came from HomeGoods also but I had it reframed.

#5 The small stool also came from HomeGoods!

#6  The Bed is from Bernhardt Interiors and is called the Cooper Wing Bed.

Lessons over for the day!

On to my vacation!

So I went back to La Antigua.  Not the island but a small city surrounded by volcanos in Guatemala.  It's not a beach town....the elevation is 4000 ft and there is no humidity!  The weather is in the 70's pretty much all the time. Cobblestone streets, great restaurants and very quaint.  It is actually the wedding capital of South America!

My nephew [who opened a brewery down there about 3 years ago] was opening a tap room so we went down to help celebrate!


This is where we stayed....I would give it a solid 3.5 stars.  I let my brother in law pick the hotel.

Look I can't be in charge of everything....[but I do like to try].  He's kind of cheap "frugal" if you get my drift. The best hotel is about 30.00 more a night but I am a team player so I played nice....haha. 

Everything is so green down there because of the weather.  It's only a 3 1/2 hour nonstop flight from Atlanta so it's a great place to go for a quick trip.

We were walking around and stumbled across this hotel.....It was gorgeous....

There are many small boutique hotels....

Below was another one that was gorgeous....
Pensativo House Hotel

I might stay at this pretty and all kinds of white.

But hey listen....I doubt they folded the wash clothes like this.....hahaha

Back to the Tap Room!

From a designers point of view I love the design of their cans!


Final day......comfortable travel outfit.  Leggings [from Loft] , J Crew Juliette Sweater Old Banana Republic scarf....BR sunglasses and a hat bought off the street.

You can read my post from the last time I went here

K....I know vacation post are only exciting to the people who went but have to take the boring post with the before and afters right!

Happy Weekend!



cindy hattersley design said...

How fun to have that time with your sisters. They are just as cute as you! I bet you three can get into a lot of trouble together. Congrats to your nephew!

Jenny B said...

Actually I love travel posts and saved this one to my Travel pinterest board for planning future travel, so thanks!

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