I'm feeling a little lazy this post is going out late:)  We decided to head to the beach on Wednesday since the rental was vacant and I somehow turned into a slug within 24 hours.

You guys know I have been going strong like a mad woman probably since August and its a good feeling knowing that my "to do" list isn't 20 pages long.


But of course there is plenty to do why do people re-arrange things when they are supposed to be on vacation?

What I walked in to....

What it's supposed to look like!

I mean OK....I have been known to maybe refresh a rental but seriously I KNOW it looks better and that is the way it should be.  Let the professionals handle it....hahaha.

The next morning I was walking Cami and we were both coughing....I was thinking it was sand in our throat but somebody said it was Red Tide.  Huh?  I'm not sure I have ever been down here when this was happening but dang you can hardly walk outside with out hacking up a lung.

On our walk I started looking at all the beige houses....which in itself is not a bad thing but here's the deal....and especially in Florida!

They look so blah!

If this is your house I'm sorry......but here is some free design advice....paint the sashes and the front door blue!

See how much better it can look!  They painted the soffit and the front door! 

Last weekend we were invited up to Lake Burton with some friends...

I just bought the new iPhone and  it takes the best pictures!

A couple of us drove into the town of Cayton and wandered into a store call Dogwoods!

So many pretty things!

On Tuesday I went up to the Pinewood Forest Showhouse to start unloading my room....I'm a little late as it was over Oct 5th!  
I am still in love with this door.

I had to get all the art out and returned to Swoox [they were so patient]

I know it is a consignment store but I always want to move in.

I also had to go to ADAC and you know I love discovering new fabric lines like these below from Ellen Eden

And the ones below from Charlotte Gaisford

You are welcome :)

I also had a curtain install and these cafe curtains against this Cole and Son wallpaper made me giddy.

Started a new project with Ladisic Fine Homes and I'm pretty excited.  It includes a pool and covered outdoor living area....

I'm loving these Currey and Co concrete benches to use at the end of the pool....

Are you bored yet?

Just finished this podcast about was so interesting!

I love a good true story so if you have any please share!

Have I sunk to a new low just rambling on about nothing.....I have plenty to post especially about the House Beautiful project but that would require a little more bandwidth that I can gather this morning:)



MDezri said...

I don't usually comment but today's post made me it! We have an airbnb and I have to laugh everytime someone re-decorates in there...always enjoy your blog posts!

Sylvia P said...

Loved the pillows at "Dogwood" any chance you might know whose fabric they're made from?
Many thanks and can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog


gina said...

Always love your posts! We just returned from St Pete’s beach and we kept hacking too whenever we were out on the beach. I love the fabric on the pillows at Dogwood....please provide any info you have.

elise said...

When I got my HB last week, even though I knew what was coming, I yelled out “Sherry!!!!”. I’ve followed your blog for years, and it was great to see you get the honor. You really showed off your flexibility as a designer, although personally I like Monochrome Sherry better. About podcasts - I liked Happy Face & The Teacher’s Pet, and Carruth - all true crime. If you don’t mind breaking out in an occasional hiccuping sob, try Strangers, and start with the episode “Jack Be Nimble, Part 1.”

Gail Storti said...

I love your “this and that” posts,. It’s like opening presents at Christmas, wondering what’s in the next package! More drool worthy fabrics and I’m mad for the large contemporary painting from Swoox. Might have to move to Atlanta just so I can shop in the many fabulous stores that you share. Have a relaxing weekend, you deserve it!

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