Well yesterday was my last day at the beach and we will be driving home in an hour...... I am pretty sad.  Even though I was busy getting this place in shape the change of scenery was nice!

Like after a hards days work....this scene is available!

And I got to spend a little time with this bad girl:)  If you saw my instastories then you know what I mean....haha.

Right before the rollinfishandeathalfofit situation.

Enough fluff.....let's get back to design:)

Thought I would take you through the process of putting together the family room of the House Beautiful concept house.

I did about 5 floor plans and for many reasons [one being the angle of photography for the room]....this one worked the best.

This is a huge space with many openings so that can also drive the furniture arrangement.  As you know we worked with sponsors so there were limitations.

Covering myself:)

In the beginning I pitched this color way....

Which I still love and will use some day.  It speaks to my neutral loving heart!

I got this image back from HB and really in the end they preferred the Thibaut blue and red colorway.

So starting with the Lee Industries sofas [1931-03] covered in Thibaut Crypton fabric....

But of course some of these fabrics we couldn't get like the Penny Morrison that I wanted to use for curtains....we needed 64 yards!

As it worked out the Thibaut Cornelia fabric was a great choice....
 Fireplace sponsored by Francois and Co. [Cleo mantel]
Art by Melissa Payne Baker through Huff Harrington.

So before we go any further let me explain something.  We had the big push to get it photo ready for August 23rd.  Of course I had to go around and gather a few pieces from local vendors along with some nice art to give the spaces a more curated look.  Then it all had to be returned. 

Uh huh. 

One month off and I had to do it all again for the week of activities! read that right.

I couldn't get the same pieces so I am going to show you different looks!

Many of these angles they did not use....not sure why because we created some nice moments in my opinion.

I managed to get the same chest from Huff Harrington but the exact art was not available!

2 different looks and I like them

Just beginning...the genius Michael Ladisic:)

Since the Loloi rug did not arrive in time for the photo shoot I went out and grabbed a few from Azra Rugs on Miami Circle.

Working on the finished look....

You can see that HB likes pattern on pattern....etc.

The photoshoot....

The party....different chest and art.

Then we put down the other rug....

It almost looks like a different room.....

Brass coffee table is Perigold [Studio A Home]
Rattan Bench is Ballard [recovered]
Pillows are Galbraith and Paul and Ryan Studio.

Before the party...there were a few accessories we couldn't get back.  Notice the large bowl on the coffee table is different.
Chair in the corner is from Perigold [Selamat Designs]  
Floor lamp is Circa Lighting.

Large bowl is from Century Furniture at ADAC.


The bottom rug is from another sponsor Stanton.

This is a small area in between the family room and LR which would be a nice place to sit with your laptop!

More sponsored product....

Light fixture is Circa Lighting
Desk is from Perigold [Bernhardt]
Table Lamp from Perigold [Bungalow 5]
Chair is from Stressless
Rug from Azra Oriental Rugs on Miami Circle

Love these cute chairs from Ballard...

And this was a little vignette that also did not make the magazine....

All the House Beautiful photography by Victoria Pearson.

So thats it.

You know what's funny....we made the LR an exercise/meditation room [cause who wants to workout in a basement right?] so after the photoshoot the house was being shown by agents [it's for sale] and they said people were confused and asked what is this can we use it?

Come on....are you kidding me?  What's the will figure it out and besides it comes with the house.




Mary Ann Pickett said...

So gorgeous...thanks for showing us!

cindy hattersley design said...

I can't get enough of that space. It is just genius! I am not big on color either but I may be edging to the dark side!

Gail Storti said...

GORGEOUS! I love it all!

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