I really can't stop thinking about how pretty the Christmas showhouse was.  I know how hard it is pulling together a beautiful room....trying not to empty your bank account....but giving y'all a wow moment!

I'm pretty sure I am a [2] and done kind of girl:)
After this summer....

But these designers brought their A game and even though pictures don't really show how wonderful a room is....well it's all I got!

Where to begin...

Lauren Deloach did a beautiful job on the living room.....warm...cozy but elegant all at the same time!

Details everywhere right?

Lauren always brings the "pretty"....

The powder bath was designed by Susan Brady

Beautiful Clark and Clark wallpaper...

My friends Montgomery Gratch Interiors created a fun whimsical bedroom and I love love the hand painted walls by Kari Fisher Designs

The bathroom was dressed in Schumacher Blommen wallpaper,

This lovely room was designed by Interior Philosophy and it was one of my favorites which will surprise you because of the color :)

Some gorgeous pink happening here!

Beautiful combination!

 Love the art by Andrea Costa
It had a nice organic feel

I seriously loved everything in this room....the perfect amount of modern and patina which is hard to do!

The upstairs master...yes everyone has 2 masters and now 2 kitchens....the "pretty kitchen" and then the "scullery" where all the dirty work happens!

Hell....I don't even use my kitchen so I don't get having 2!

This one designed by Wyeth Ray Interiors and it's GOOD!

Lot's of black and white so I was giddy.....

A touch of masculinity which is my jam....

But then the bathroom was all pretty!

The Cowtan and Tout Swedish Tree wallpaper was the perfect feminine choice to juxtapose with the bedroom don't you think? 
These cabinets....

OK....I will save the last few rooms on Friday cause I am sure by now you are snoozing away thinking "when will this post end".....

Thanksgiving.....I'll be at my know the one with the restaurant.  Which makes life easy since all I have to do is showup....haha.



Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry, just finished studying your pix in HB. Absolutely gorgeous. That must have been Cami coming in thru the petdoor? It sure looked like her. So very cute.

Denise said...

A house that looks as if a real family (with enough money of course) could live there! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Why drapes by doorways in the first room?

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