It's me again.....8 years of stories.....blubbering on about and my life.  Like what I have to say is so darn interesting.

I don't kid's not..... yet I continue on with it like I am addicted to the purge of my life on these pages.  Maybe that is a thing?  The need to overshare:)

Let's discuss the week.

I've been moving forward with the House Beautiful project.  Sometimes I have to check myself as to how the heck I got here but happened and I am doing my best to muddle through with all this color [totally not in my lane] trying to keep it from looking like your kids finger painting hanging on the fridge with magnets.

Matthew Quinn is working his magic on the kitchen and it is going to be a stunner!  Check out where the sink is going....pretty nice view for washing dishes:)

Love this window on the front of the house.

The girls bedroom has a space above the entrance which I am very excited about.  The back wall gets some colorful wallpaper and the ceiling underneath with have planks painted a pretty color....

This is the bath tile on the floor with the vanity painted a soft gray...white Silestone countertops and white subway tile around the tub....

The boys bathroom below....also with Silestone and the wood vanity will be stained a dark ebony.

I had to reselect for the laundry room because we couldn't come up with a countertop.

So I decided to slide in a little black and white since HB won't be photographing this area.....I can be cheeky like that.

These are the colors I am working with on the main the furnishings.  Are you scared for me?

Before dinner last night with the HB crew I was over at my favorite house.....This courtyard just kills me.

I had this large painting commissioned for a project from Scott Kerr and I can't wait to get it hung!

Bought this cute straw bag from Target.

Tried to push pink on the showhouse.....but no go:(

Saturday night I was gifted a table at Chastain Park to see Harry Connick Jr and y'all it was a magical night.  If you haven't seen him make it a point....he is such an entertainer and very dreamy....

And last night at the HB dinner the subject of color came up  and silly me said something like "khaki is a color". 

The laughter was deafening.

Obviously I'm clueless....ha ha.



Anonymous said...

And you might those HB peeeps know that white and black are a color too! haha.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love all of your selections for the bathrooms and am looking forward to seeing the whole house. ITs a good thing to get out of your comfort zone, or so they say.

The painting you had commissioned id fabulous!

Gail Storti said...

So Sherry,

I for one, love all that you blubber about and what you have to say “IS” in fact, “SO” darn interesting! Please continue to purge all of your lifes adventures, in every post your writing and your wonderful sense of humor makes me laugh. In some ways, we’ll, a lot of ways, I wish I was you!
xoxo Gail

Allison said...

What tile is that for the boys’’ bathroom floor? Thanks!

JJ said...

All that color would be a bit much for me also. Cheat and put all those colors in a painting! lol

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