Well....well....well.....we made it to Friday!  It was quite the week with a couple of sleepless nights thrown in.  Seriously y'all one night I looked at my clock and saw every hour go by until I just got up at 4:00.  That makes for a loooooooong day:)

This can not be a regular issue and must stop.

I wish I had more for you today but it just seems like I am in the middle of every project.  

..... I did mange to gather up a few images for an  update on the #boulderflip.

I have to rely on the "crew" out there and it seems like they are too busy riding bikes and hiking than to send me pictures:)

So you remember the swanky kitchen right?  Weird to me that the sink isn't under the window....

Well it is no longer......

And..... we opened the doorways but didn't want to take down the wall completely as it's a small kitchen and we need a wall  for cabinets.

Something like this below.

A small island for a couple of barstools.

White shaker style Ikea cabinets with raw concrete quartz countertops.

I put together a few lighting they could choose.

Still discussing.....:)

Working on the bathrooms.  There are 3 with the master being the smallest....yeah crazy.

Managed to snag 18" from a linen closet behind the shower.  I found the tile at The Tile Shop.

And for the hall bath.....

Kind of replicating one of the baths from the last house we did.....

Hey.....if it works then why not.

Still working on the lower level bath....every time we went to buy a tile it was out of stock. #designerproblems

I was devastated to read of Kate Spades death.....  some news just stays with you.  I remember buying my Kate Spade bag when they came out.... so classic and stylish.  

Who has big plans for the weekend?



Unknown said...

Beautiful!!! Can you provide the source of the tile for the hall bathroom. I'm wondering if it would look nice as a backslpash in a kitchen. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Can you share the sources for your tile and vanities? Beautiful!

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