I am about to get down here with some info about me.  I feel shame even divulging this but I also feel you need to know these facts to move forward with our relationship:)

I love reality TV.  I know right?  I am 66 years old and I can not explain it.  It's practically the only thing I can watch without falling asleep.  

Further studies are needed about this affliction.

On Sunday I went to the Atlanta Magazines Home Modern Style Showhouses!  So fun and I made an assessment about modern's all about the art!

So many good designers so go here to see the whole list!  This could be divided in half.  There is a ton of pictures but I'm just dumping them on you!

OK....but this tile!  Hubba Hubba.

You can imagine my excitement when I walked in and saw that right off the bat!

This space was so cute and I loved the color on the walls.....


Such a beautiful light room!

And of course all the great art!

Love the trim wall treatment.

I need a Llama in my keep me company:)

Beautiful bedroom....

This rug was incredible....

This was another fabulous color.....

And I need to share with you my latest obsession about the color....mustard.

The kitchen was pretty swanky.  These are glass cabinets painted behind.  The color reminded me of what we used to call Charleston Green.  Back in "the day" when everyone painted their house white or taupe or pale yellow....the shutters were always this black/green.

The countertops were something called Dolomite and the durability is between granite and marble.  It was gorgeous!

Those edge pulls....

Dining area.....

One of my favorite quartz countertops....Cambria Brittanicca.

Gorgeous slab on the shower wall.

Definitely NOT MAD at this room below....the color of the walls....rug...everything about it.

Colorful bedroom.....

Open thru June 24th here in Atlanta.

The traditional south welcomes modern.....thoughts?  I know not for everyone and we all strive to add a touch of it in our rooms to keep them from being predictable....

On the other end of the spectrum it's like seeing a totally traditional room....I definitely think you need that balance in a room to charge up the interest.

What say you?

I'm still holding at 11 pounds....and I have not cheated and have been working out like I'm getting paid for it.

What gives?



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

although modern design it not my favorite I do love modern art. These beautiful spaces have me rethinking ways to add a touch more modern to my own home.

Anonymous said...

I try to like modern design, but somehow just doesn’t’t appeal to me.

DeeDee Richardson said...

So I need to know what reality tv do you enjoy?I am a Southern Charm and Real Housewife fan.So annoying how everyone denies they watch including my husband but then will ask the next day what happened🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a fan of reality TV, but if it entertains you, you should keep watching it. I do miss "America's Most Wanted," however. As to the house, all of that modern stuff makes me nervous. It's just too much. It looks busy to me, and that is not calming. As another commenter said, "I try to like it." Now, as to your weight, I will tell you what people kept telling me when I was in the same boat - keep trying and don't give up. I am a few years younger than you, but in the age range. It's just harder once you hit 40, not to mention 60. I exercise every day and eat in a healthy way and it's SO hard to lose. Not to get too personal, but you should get some blood work done, specifically for thyroid, vitamin D and female hormones. That could be your issue. Good luck to you. Judith

debra @ 5th and state said...

fresh & wonderful to see. my home & that of most of my clients is not strictly mod, far from it, but agree, an all traditional room......b o r I n g !

love the ideas here and already thinking of how I might incorporate into my designs

only NO GO for me is glass cabinets, would look like a crime scene in my home!

Unknown said...

Love your posts!!!
Don’t be discouraged by the scale’s lack of movement!
Chances are you r losing inches!!

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