Thank you for all the love about my project:) I have more to show you but  I think I'm going to interrupt all this "before and after" so I can show you what I saw at Scott's last week!  

I can't get there as much as I would like but I have a bedroom install tomorrow and I needed a few things for the "gob" of bookcases this room has.

Here are the fabrics.....

The first thing I needed was a rug and I was lucky to stumble across this beauty......

This is a huge bedroom and there is a sitting area with a sofa and 2 chairs.  We were going to do patterned wall to wall [see above] but we needed something that was good for pets so that changed to a solid**.  This will help to define the seating area now!

**Design is not all about beauty.  Function plays a huge part of pulling a room together.

I picked up this one for the master bath....

Here are a few other ones I saw....

The good thing is that most of the vendors are local so if a rug doesn't workout out they will exchange.  A big advantage!

I picked up a few pretty beads in the right colors....

And I saw this mirror that I want to use over the dresser below......It's kind of like art and mirror all in one!  The colors are perfect!

I'm excited to see this one come is the pretty bedding...the gorgeous Matouk duvet on the left.

Love this vendor with all of this blue and white!  

Saw this great fireplace mantel

And you know I can't resist an old bench.....wish I had a space for this in my house somewhere.

There were 2 of these painted dressers....sold....somebody scored!

Pink is still going strong everywhere!

Is copper still a thing?

I picked up this necklace which had my name on it....agree?

Well....I wrote this on Tuesday [trying to be so organized] and surprise Atlanta has a snow storm Wednesday night!

Normally it would have melted in a day but we were having temps like we lived in Antarctica so I had to cancel my Thursday installation....which will now happen on Saturday!

Before I leave.....I want to share this art with you.  Photographer Owen Masterson has created these block art modern sculptures and I am smitten!

Go to om.woodart  on Instagram to see more! is no secret that I don't really.  I always say my kitchen is just for resale.

Since it's January I have been really cutting back the calories which includes libations :( and food.  I have been trolling the grocery store like it's my job looking for quick + low calorie solutions.

I picked up this little number and it wasn't bad.  My thought after I ate the first one was the next time I will add a little ground turkey to it.....although that would involve cooking.... so prob won't happen. is spicy!

Alrighty then....kisses to all of you!



karen said...

Love the necklace and the bench and the rug selection is outstanding.

Patti said...

Love the fabric selection! The rug is perfect - would like to see that room.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the finished bedroom! I love everything you chose.


Marcella said...

LOVE these colors! I can not wait to see the finished room!

Gail Storti said...

I can hardly wait to see these beautiful items in the bedroom. The two rugs you chose would be perfect in my guest bedroom. I’ve been looking for months and can’t find anything even close to those, I love them. We don’t have anything like Scott’s here (Los Angeles), makes me want to move to Atlanta. That necklace is “fab” too! Hope the install went well!

cindy hattersley design said...

I am always so jealous of your Scotts resource. You are so lucky to have them. The bedroom is going to be lovely. I will gladly take that necklace off your hands if you decide you don't like it!!

Tirmah interiors said...

i love these rugs
Vintage Rugs

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