What happened to my Friday post?  No valid explanation except then it was going to become a Saturday post and now all of the sudden it has become a Sunday post. 

We left for the beach on Wednesday to come down and overhaul the condo.  Y'all it was so tired....the sofa looked like something you would find on the side of the street.  The slipcovers were threadbare. 

All I've done is run around looking for deals to furnish this place in 5 days.  Crikey.....I want a real vacation that doesn't have anything to do with furniture or fabric.  Glass doors and turn down service come to mind. 


How about a good design plan today.  My client has this huge bedroom and it hasn't been updated in 20 years.  They moved in about year ago and now is the time to get it done.  

First things first.  A floor plan.

I did about 5.

#1....[there is a pretty view of a river where the french doors are].



Move TV.





#4  My client got frustrated and sent me one of her own.  She just had to one up me:)  Move the bed back to the original place in the middle of the room to break up the length of the space.

Done.  Final plan.  With a chaise over by the view!

Let me show you some of the improvements so far. I wanted to enlarge this space so it would  accommodate a long dresser and TV.  Taking out the middle bookshelves in-between 2 doors did that.

Looks so much better and is ready for a long 73" dresser now.  

This is "his" dresser.....

I am also excited how good the plain flat panel doors look after adding trim to them 
The whole room was painted BM White Dove and the ceilings were painted BM Glass Slipper.

 There are 2 sconces above the bookshelves.

I picked these pretty Circa ones to replace.  

Here is the wall where the "her" dresser is going.

This white Bungalow 5 with the rings changed out to brass.....
Love this carpet going in when all painting and construction finished.

We will go over the fabrics and seating next is going to be so pretty!

Hope you guys are having a relaxing weekend!

Sheriky Freaky


Unknown said...

Who makes "his" dresser? It's great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
Would you share the carpet source, please? So pretty.

jaymie said...

What program do you use for your design plans? They look great. Thanks!

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