I'm pretty sure there is a bed in crazytown waiting for me right now.  I mean..... come spring if I am still standing I want a crown and a proper celebration.


But enough about me.....I'm trying to answer a few questions about the bathroom and foyer makeover on the previous post!

Powder room wallpaper: Waters Edge Dove  BW45070.1

Foyer wallpaper: Thibaut Grasscloth

I don't have any info for you about the stained tile floors because I just told them what I wanted and they did it.  I know it was a stain...that is about it!

I am going to give you a few detail shots from my recent install.  It is not 100% finished and I definitely want to get some professional pictures since I only have these from my iphone.

So let's start from the beginning....

House built in the 70's....huge master bedroom.

Real Estate shot

My job: To cozy up this bad boy and give them a sanctuary while the kitchen, LR and family room get renovated!

Color scheme: soft pretty blues.

Floor plan.....

Sitting area....a place to watch TV and some storage with 2 large dressers.

I know my client/friend....she likes "pretty" and blue is probably her favorite color.  Even better..... that she really does trust me [especially since I have done 3 homes for her over 20 years!]

At first we were just going to get a smaller chest in the space below but with the side bookcases....that would limit the TV size and just make it look like we squeezed everything in there.

So.....another one of those "while we are at it" moments we took out this section of bookcases!

Much better right? 

 And this really doesn't show you anything....but it was all I got.

I recovered this sofa and 2 chairs she already had to use in the seating area....

Both of these had good lines so it was worth giving them new life.


The beginning.....

Blue ceiling.



Lamps reused from another life......


After [mirror not hung yet!]

Gorgeous painted mirror from Stacy Milburn Studio



The doors still make me giddy....with the added trim and new Emtek hardware!

Added this pretty trim to the bedskirt and tableskirt....

Pretty Chaise....needs a pillow:)

I think you can kind of get it!  

We still need a piece of art over the sofa which I hope will happen soon.

It amazing what you do with a little paint and new carpet.....OK....curtains and new furniture.....OK maybe with a little accessorizing....but the room did have good there's that:)

Hope you guys are having a great week....somehow I got another cold [one month apart] weird right?  This one is in the head as opposed to my previous chest cold.  I am back on NyQuil and DayQuil.....didn't I just wean myself from that?

I'm just happy that it's not the flu.  Like I always say.....silver linings.



Joan S said...

I’m in love with this room, and especially what you’ve done with it. I can’t wait to see more.

Unknown said...

Can you share the name of the white fabric on the chairs?

Kathy said...

Not surprised, gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!
Love everything, especially beautiful area rug.
Maybe share source? Feel better soon!

Regina S said...

Thank you for the wallpaper source! The room is beautiful!

Cynthia Christensen said...

Simply, love it! Gorgeous is the word.

Jen Gilday said...

Hi Sherry! Just wondering what program you use to do your floor plans for your clients. I'm looking for one for my interior design business!

Jen Gilday

Lussi said...

Wow! Gorgous makeover! I really love it.

Bonnie G. said...

Love! This room is spacious and cozy at the time-beautiful!

therelishedroost said...

Looks wonderful and I love this powdery blue its so relaxing and always makes a great bedroom color!

Lisa said...

I just love those colors! Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING!!! Love everything you have done in this room!

leviheart said...

Sherry it’s a beautiful transformation.
I would love to know where the rug and sheets came from. Would you be so kind to share?

Diego Lopes said...

Loved how you took photos of every single thing! And you have such great instinct, your picks are amazing!

Patricio Pantheleon said...

In love with the light feel of the overall finish of your home. It breathes warm and lightness every home should emit. Is this aesthetic applicable to a bachelor's home? Would love to incorporate these into my home.

Tirmah interiors said...

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